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     To live SUSTAINABLE Life-Styles - - - within any SUSTAINABLE Civilization within any SUSTAINABLE-PLANET 

                  We Must-Cooperate-Graciously in Complementary kinds of Contrasting-Activities:

Affirming the Integrative-Priorities of:                        Mitigating Our-Preoccupations-With

Hospitality and Generosity                                      Distrust and Greed

Systemic-Distributive-Justice.                                  Concentrating Wealth and Powers in Corrupting Ways.

Building and Maintaining Sanctuaries of Shalom.                 Attacking   Poor-Impotent-Vulnerable-People.

Open and Honest Dialogues about all peoples' healthy needs.     Threatening Poor-Impotent-Vulnerable-People.

Disciplined Active-Listening to all kinds of people.            Augmenting the Vulnerability of Vulnerable-People.

Helping all kinds of people participate in communal decisions.  Excluding "different-people" from communal dialogues.

Mitigating all kinds of Alienative-Conflicts.                   Attacking Honest-People's Disturbing-Descriptions.

Mitigating Alienative Distrust.                                 Attacking Honest-People's Intimate-Relations/Intimacies.

Mitigating Alienative Suspicions.                               Attacking and eliminating EVIL-PEOPLE and ENEMIES.

Augmenting Gracious Reconciling Activities.                     Attacking Suspicious-Strange-People from far away.

Augmenting Gracious Cooperative-Efforts.                        Winning  Many-Collusive-Games  of Mutual-Self-Deception.

Augmenting Gracious Collaborative-Efforts.                      Concealing Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception.

Augmenting Forgiveness in Shalom's Sanctuaries.                 Eliminating many Active Enemies and Strangers.

Augmenting Reconciliation, Prudence and Moderation.             Making all Utilitarian Efforts more Efficient/Effective.

Augmenting Robust forms of Balance, Mutuality and Stability.    Taking-Control of Decision-Making and Planning-Efforts.

Augmenting Mutual efforts to Meet-All-Essential-Humane-Needs.   Making sure that Good-People are Properly-Rewarded.

Equitably Sharing Available Resources, Wealth and Powers.       Making sure that Good-People Like-US are In-Control.

Augmenting Tolerance, Creativity, Exploration and Discoveries.  Enforce Taboos with Excommunications to Get-Ahead.

Facilitating Flexibility in Dealing with Environmental Crises.  Maintain GOOD-TRADITIONS as permanent realities.

Facilitating Healthy-Intimate Humane-Relationships among us.    Determining with CERTAINTY all ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

Augmenting Communal Health-Care within all Communities.         Maintaining Control over all Dangerous-Intimacies.

Facilitating Healthy-Personal-Intimate-Relationships.           Being in Control of what Must and May Be-Done/Thought.

Facilitating the Sharing of Accurate and Honest Descriptions    Being in Control of Risky-Communications and Discoveries.

                                  Be Safely-Together In-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues                             

                                       Within Shalom's Gracious-Sanctuaries! 

                                      Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts