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To Augment the Sustainability of Space-Ship-Earth's Civilization - - - we must learn how to accept imperfect
Crew-Members who are strangers-to-us - - - into the Community-of-Mitigators of Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts; starting with Our-Own Imperfect-Levels-and-Kinds of SUSTAINABLE:

Integrities      Authenticities Health      Self-Confidence  Listening       Dialogues   Grace       Shalom
Explorations     Creativity     Hope        Learning-Styles  Reconciliation  Healing     Generosity  Hospitality

Tolerance        Modesty        Balance     Cooperation      Colaboration    Life-Styles Habits      Traditions

Growth-Patterns  Perceptions    Learning    Knowledge        Intimate-Relationships      Visions-of-Possibilities

Domineering-Relationships       Consumptive-Live-Styles    Ways of being GOOD-CONTROLLERS  Visions-of-Impossibilities

Invulnerable-Life-Styles        Ways of Being Safe-Secure  Ways to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception

                                Be-Together in Shalom's Reconciling-Ways