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Sometimes the foci-of-attention in our Alienative-Conflicts are the following kinds of realities that are
Demonstrably REAL; to people who have become willing to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with each other:

Concentrations of Wealth and Power                  Concentrations of Influence

Patterns of Domination and Control                  Patterns of Submission to Domineering-Bullies

Patterns of Systemic Distributive Injustice         Playing-to-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception

Patterns of Enduring Resentment and Alienation      Patterns of Unexamined: Fears, Anxieties and Terror

Sometimes within Contrasting-Contexts - - - the Foci-of-Attention in Alienative-Conflicts are REFLEXIVE-REALITIES

that exist hidden in the Psyches of Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters and their Kinds-of-Alienative-EGOCENTRIC:

Self-Esteems  Self-Confidence       Political-Powers  Personal-"integrities"   Communal-"integrities"   Planning

"creativity"  "integrative"-Skills  "authenticity"    Description-Skills       "listening" Skills       "dialogues"

They are unable to Sustain their own Life-Styles, Paradigms, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, or Grounds for
Hope - - - and mindlessly undermine other people's ability to sustain civility and/or civilization.  Copying their
behavior patterns, life-styles, ideals, values, principles, and grounds for hope - - - will not be helpful!

                               Be-Together in Shalom's Reconciling-Ways