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The Natures-of-Alieantive-Conflicts  are different if the Natures of the Poles/Sides are different:


                            Ideals  versus Ideals     Desires versus Desires

                            Visions versus Visions    Dreams  versus Dreams

                            Goals   versus Goals      Plans   versus Plans


As compared to All-Possible-Combinations of the following   And-Many-Other  possible-foci  for Alienative-Conflicts:


Ideals     Desires     Visions     Goals     Plans      Commands      Demands      Anxieties       Fears     Greed

Hoarding   Clinging    Traditions  Rituals   Violence   Coercion      Domination   Concentrations  Arrogance  Pride


We are not likely to be able to Mitigate Our-Own-Alieantive-Conflicts in any Helpful-Ways - - - if we are unaware

of the multitude of different kinds of conflicts that do-exist - - - because of the contrasts-in-the-natures-of the 

Paired-Poles which are Foci-Withing Particular-Alieantive-Conflicts over incoherent: Ideals, Values, Principles, 

Grounds-for-Hope, Technologies, Technocrats, etc. - - - as just hinted-at-above.

With just ten different kinds of poles in conflicts - -- there are one hundred differnt kinds of possible 

Alieantive-Conflicts - - - if each kind of pole can come into conflict as either   inferior-or-superior   power;

and otherwise there is no significance to  which-pole  is-named-first.

Real-Complexity-Enters when Protaganists within Contrasting-Kinds-of-Conflicts  DEMAND  that participants in yet
other conflicts Let-Go of their own conflicts - - - to spend time, energy and attention focusing upon TAKING-ALIENATIVE-POSITIONS within new-to-them additional Alieantive-Conflicts - - - rather than spending time, energy and 

Every person has only LIMITED-TIME-ENERGY-AND-POSSIBLE-ATTENTION  to devote to  WINNING or MITIGATING the many
different kinds of conflicts between different kinds of poles that are the foci of Alieantive-Conflicts!  Strangers
are in no position to help each other in any significant ways - - - within more than a VERY-LIMITED number of
contrasting conflicts of any kind.  Beware of people who believe that they can "settle" many alienative-conflicts
in their own "special/superior" WAY!

                                        Be-Together in Shalom's Reconciling-Ways