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                        No   One-Isolate,   Alienated   and   Perfected:

Paradigm     Virtue     Motivation     Technology     Desire       Ideal        Value        Principle     
Commandment  Mantra     Habit          Tradition      Ritual       Vision       Dream        Goal

                        That is viewed by many as the Purest-of-All-Possibilities

Can be Safely-Trusted and Revered - - - WITHOUT: Reservation, Complementation and Integration  - - -along with

Critical-Systems-Analyses of: Fruits, Costs, Alienative-Conflicts and Enduring-Patterns-of-Alienations.

         GOD   Cannot-Be-Known So-Perfectly - - - as to be UNSUSTAINABLY-TRUSTED-by-Humans WITHOUT PRUDENT:

            Reservations        Complementations        Integrative-Processes     and    Integrities - - -

                    Along with Critical-Systems-Analyses of Unilateral-Appreciations  of:

         Fruits      Benefits     Costs              Alienations    Dominations        Collusive Games of MSD

         Mobsters    Bullies      Concentrations     Exclusions     Excommunications   Distributive-Injustices

                                        Be-Together in Shalom's Reconciling-Ways