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            To Maintain a Sustainable-Civil-Global-Civilization- - - we must develop-consensuses 

            about Sustainable-Integrative-STANDARDS    for   Responsible-Personal-and-Communal:

Life-Styles     Ideals     Values     Principles   Grounds-for-Hope    Priority-Setting   and Being-Admirable - - -

Appropriate for the Full-Spectrum of Different-Kinds-of-People  World-Wide  Within-all-Kinds-Of-Communal-Contexts.

       It is DANGEROUS/RISKY to adopt/approve   Different-Standards  for  People Who-have-Different:

Skin-Colors      Eye-Colors     Hair-Colors     Eye-Slants     Hair-Curls    Stock-Portfolios      Mansion-Sizes

Credit-Ratings   Addresses      Educations      Religions      Work-Places   Cultural-Heritages    Net-Worths

War-Experiences  Talents        Skills          Visions        Insights      Handicaps             Heritages


There cannot be any SUSTAINABLE STANDARDS by which to discern the presence of Personal-Integrity and Communal-

Integrity; if the  Above-STANDARDS    FAVOR    Wealthy-and-Powerful-People    OVER     people    who are:  

Poor,      Thirsty,  Hungry,    Dis-Eased,  Dominated,   Diseased,    Terrorized,      Repressed,   Excommunicated,
Excluded,  Shunned,  Banished,  Bombed,     Mobbed,      Burned-Out,  Bull-Dozed-Out,  Flooded-Out, etc. BY BULLIES!

                        Be-Graciously-Together  Within-Shalom's  Sustainable-Ways!

                           Work to create SUSTAINABLE CIVIL COMMUNITIES OF SHALOM