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The texts of the essays made available at are offered as DESCRIPTIONS which are hopefully accurate
and reliable.  Readers of such texts are encouraged to point to what they regard as more accurate-and-reliable
descriptions offered-by-other-writers, and to   point-to-evidence  that they believe supports their views of the greater-honesty-and-reliability in the  suggested-more-accurate-and-reliable  texts.

The writer of the texts offered at is NOT interested in debating with people who are critical of the 
texts at  The writer is not interested in  winning-any-debates; or in  winning-any-alienative- 
conflicts/contests   of any kind.  Such activities would  undermine-hopes  of mitigating our own alienative-conflicts.
It is MORE-IMPORTANT to mitigate our own alienative-conflicts - - - than it is to   win-alienative-conflicts 
and/or contests.  We-cannot-do-both!  We must choose where to   focus-our-attention   in order to contribute to the 
SUSTAINABILITY of   civility-and-civilization   within God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Essentially-Isolated Spherical
Space-Ship-Earth traveling through the unimaginably:   COLD,   VAST   and   Cosmic-Ray-Laced   COSMIC-VOID.

Critics of texts found in are, of course, free to debate with each other as much as they wish to do so.
They are encouraged to write additional texts which they believe are  more-accurate-and-reliable-descriptions  of what
essays here seek to describe, and to defend their views that they believe that their texts are more-accurate-and-
reliable-descriptions   than those offered here.  Each essay text offered here can be referenced with its name of the
form:  where "@" is "a" for essays written before the year 2000 and is "b" for essays
written during the years following 1999.  The "#" is a counter of essays written during one day.

Critics are encouraged to consult the essays pointed to on the web page:

All readers need to keep in mind that how   helpful-accurate-and-reliable   a text appears to be to a person; depends
a great deal upon the person's own experiences, skills, dispositions, training, attitudes, assumptions and convictions.

Of course Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters will have views which contrast with the views of True-Lovers and
Mitigators of Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts!  It will be natural for such people to seek to make the case that their
own point of view will best contribute to the Long-Term-Sustainability of a Long-Term-Enduring Civilization within
God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Essentially-Isolated Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth.  Time will tell whose descriptions have 
been the most accurate and reliable descriptions.  No debate will settle the question in any enduring way!  Mutually-
Assured Destruction in a Nuclear War may also settle the question.  Imprudent exhaustions of fossil fuels may also
settle the question in tragic ways with many consequent wars and acts of angry terrorists among the most alienated
members of the crew of God's Space-Ship-Earth.

                         Be-Graciously-Together  Within-Shalom's  Sustainable-Ways!