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Natural-Consequences are  NOT  Invented by humans to punish other humans.

Natural-Consequences are the results of predictable-regularities in the interactions between Inanimate-Objects
that have NO-DETECTABLE: Wills, Consciousness, Desires, Hopes, Fears, Anxieties, Plans, Intentions or Regularities
Built-Into-Them by-humans as Technological  Creators/Modifiers of them via Objective-Manipulation-Processes that have
been Unilaterally-Imposed Into-Them - - - by humans acting in the manners of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters.

Natural-Consequences originate in processes over which humans have exerted 
No-Unilaterally-Imposed-Controls - - - of their own choosing and devising.

If consequences flow from the actions of humans directly and/or indirectly; intentionally and/or unintentionally - - -
we cannot in unbiased ways claim that those consequences were truly "Natural" in unbiased ways of "NATURE" - - - apart
from human biases, prejudices and designs.


THEOLOGY is TALK-ABOUT-GOD - - - engaged in by humans trying to describe   realities-and-processes   which transcend  
humans' efforts to Be-in-Control.  The results of Theological-Efforts-of-Humans - - - are NOT  Natural-Consequences; 
and the Alienative-Conflicts that are associated with theology ==> human-God-talk - - - are NOT Natural-Consequences.

Theologians do NOT focus upon Natural-Consequences as the core of their preoccupations, concerns and interests.  

Theologians do NOT deal in any core way with Natural-Consequences which are the core foci of: Astronomers, Physicists,
Chemists, Biologists, and other Professionally-Dedicated Scientists  WHO seek to describe: openly, honestly and
reliably what they have observed to occur reliably - - - in ways which are independent of their observation-procedures
which are as non-intrusive as they can make them be.  Scientists honest descriptions of reliable-patterns that they
have discovered - - - have repeatedly led to reliable-predictions of later occasions of cause-and-effect-natural-
interactions - - - which unfold   completely-sperated   from human-participations in them - - - in any significant way.

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