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Domineering-Bullies may demand that others take a particular action or believe a particular statement to be true;
by either of the above ways:

 1. An overt direct demand that the action be taken, or that assent to the truth of the statement be shown!

 2. The presentation of descriptive statements and supporting evidence - - - regarding the wisdom of taking the
    action or believing the truth of the statement that is in question.

 3. Behaviors which are viewed by some people as equivalent to either of the above or some combination thereof.

People may "learn" to treat the above ways as completely equivalent in all regards; and may regard them as fully
equivalent - - - and regard them as acts of domination that can appropriately be resented and resisted.

People may learn to resent and resist any of the above kinds of presentations - - - regardless of the nature of
the contents of the communications; responding primarily to the style of the presentations and/or the form of the
language.  To them the form of the presentation may be a signal that says "DOMINATION-BEWARE!".  

Confusion, Ignorance, Alienation, etc. are all likely to be augmented when people cannot distinguish between the
contents of communications and the forms/manners of the communications - - - and unintended communications are 
received and taken seriously - - - often with  tragic/alienative  consequences!  

                              Be-Graciously-Together Within-Shalom!