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Humans use many verbal languages in daily oral and written conversations using English,
French, German, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, and other traditional languages built
up out of words used in disciplined ways.

          Other kinds of languages are also used by humans include various forms  of: 

Mathematics       Computer-Programming-Languages      Music            Songs     Dances    

Posturing         Facial-Expressions                  Touch            Affectional-Embraces                

Hand-Shakes       Hand-Holding                        Sexual-Glances   Sexual-Intercourse

In each occasions of human communication the meanings of the symbols shared depends to a significant extent

upon the presence or absence of "Nature-of"  and the "Strength-of" the following kinds of realities:

Authentic-Desires         Authentic-Pleasures         Authentic-Human-Needs          Authentic-Wants

Acting                    Pretentions                 Integrations                   Integrities

Mutuality                 Cooperation                 Admiration                     Awe

Honesty                   Accuracy                    Confusion                      Knowledge

Ignorance                 Coherence                   Violence                       Coercion

Domination                Threats                     Computations                   Calculations

Engineering               Biases                      Prejudices                     Intentions

Expectations              Hopes                       Vulnerability                  Security

Unilateralists            Collaborators               Planners-Agreeing              People-Coordinating

Fear-Sharing              Anxiety-Sharing             Risk-Sharing                   Cost-Sharing

Labor-Sharing             Benefits-Shared             Cooperative-Budgeting          Cooperative-Priority-Setting

Wealth-Sharing            Power-Sharing               Pleasure-Sharing               Joint-Decision-Making

The presence and/or the absence of the above kinds of realities, are additional forms of communication in God's Earth.

                              Be-Graciously-Together Within-Shalom!