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Often people are Dominated by Domineering-Bullies who insist on other people being preoccupied with an Old-Question which:

 1. Cannot be answered in any significant and meaningful way - - - because the Question takes for granted that something
    which is TRUE - - - is in fact-actually-false; or that something which is FALSE - - - is in fact-actually-true.

 2. Cannot be answered in any significant and meaningful way - - - because it is worded in some nonsensical and/or unclear 
    way about obscure non-experienced entities and/or about unclear and/or inherently incoherent relationships of 
    inherently mysterious natures - - - worthy of reverence-and-worship because they are "ultimate-mysteries".

 3. Must be answered by either a "YES" or "NO" or maybe by "True" or "False" - - - but not responded to by any kind of
    Objective-and/or-Reflexive Disciplined-Systems-Analysis and Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about real human experiences
    that are publicly acknowledged as known in many varied ways by many authentic members of the diverse communities in 

 4. Must NOT be analyzed and exposed as a nonsensical set of words that lacks any real coherence, meaning or integrity.

 5. Takes for granted and requires that others take-for-granted that peoples': desires, hopes, aspirations, true-healthy-
    needs, abilities, skills, beliefs, missions, fears, anxieties, etc. - - - are other than what they really are;
    and that the "Question" which is "Out-of-Touch" with reality - - - is one of the most profound questions which humans 
    can address theologically - - - while personally being "Out-Of-Touch" with "REALITY".

      Be Graciously Together in Shalom   within  God's   Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated    Space-Ship ==>  Mother-Earth!