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To Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts we must learn to acknowledge the extremes to which Domineering-Bullies have
gone in Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - to Avoid-the-Terrors of Fully-Falling-in-Love with True-
Lovers and finding True-Security within Being-Together In-Shalom's-True-Sanctuaries for Open-and-Honest-Dialogues.  Such
a Discovery of a place where people are Not-Trying-To-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - IS-TABOO!  That
would shatter the Tragic-Cosmic-Egg-Shell and would thereby Reveal that the Cosmos is Far-Bigger than the Ego of any 
egocentric-cosmos.  It would not be just the cracked-cosmic-egg-shell of Chilton Pierce's book of that name.  Domineering
Bullies are addicted to Nuclear-Weapon-Tipped ICBMs to achieved Mutually-Assured-Destruction ==> MAD for all that is inside
of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Essentially-Isolated Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth ==> Mother-Earth.

Remember that TABOOs are often enforced by shunnings, exclusions, banishments and excommunications - - - all Generators of
Alienations and Alienative-Conflicts.

For people of contrasting levels of Concentrated: Wealth, Power, Education, Maturity and Honor - - - to be able to
participate in any healthy-forms of intimate-relationships:

 1. The ones with the GREATER: power, education, maturity, honor, etc. - - - must take care to distance themselves from

behaviors that are characteristic of Domineering Bullies and Mobbing Mobsters.

 2. The ones with the lesser: power, education, maturity, honor, etc. - - - must take care to assess the extent that the 

others are clearly and authentically doing as they should do - - - and be extra cautious if the other persons are not 
doing as they should do in clearly authentic ways of Love within Shalom's Sanctuaries for Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about 

the Unmet-Healthy-Needs of the vast majority of the Members-of-the-Crew of  God's  Astronomically-Tiny-and-Essentially-

Isolated Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth ==> Mother-Earth.

      Be Graciously Together in Shalom  within God's  Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated   Space-Ship ==>  Mother-Earth!