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                        The Essential/Key differences between Domineering-Bullies - - - -


                        True-Lovers - - - Mitigating Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - -


 1. What: {Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Ground-for-Hope} - - - they regard as Most-Long-Term-Reliable
    in Building a Sustainable-Civilization that is Robust and Stable in Balanced Ways - - -


    Which  {Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Ground-for-Hope}  can be properly sacrificed - - - in AFFIRMING
    JUST-A-VERY-FEW of them - - - VERY-PROFITABLY   FOR-A-VERY-FEW-PEOPLE  - - - at great-costs to many people . . ?

 2. Which people's: Health, Integrative-Processes and Personal-Integrities -- - can be well-sacrificed; 
    to concentrate much power, wealth and health into the hands of a few people who are viewed most 
    favorably as "superior-people"?

 3. Which of the following realities have been convincingly shown to posses   Truly-Reliable   Redemptive-Powers?

    Violence   Coercion    Demands        Commands   Dishonesty        Pretentions     Shunnings      Banishments

    Threats    Attacks     Punishments    Prisons    Excommunications  Exclusivity     Rejections     Wars

    What is the evidence of those Truly-Reliable     Redemptive-Powers?     Judged so by whom?        Why?

Be Graciously Together in Shalom   within   God's  Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated   Space-Ship   Mother-Earth!