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To Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we often need to clarify/identify "where the Conflicts
reside - - - between/among what different realities; such as:

 1. Different people's: desires, assumptions, beliefs, stories, parables, commands, demands, promises,
    preoccupations, fears, anxieties, compulsions, needs, etc. - - - both legitimate and not-legitimate.

 2. Within any one person's diverse realities as-suggested-above; operating at diverse-levels-of-a-person:
    Conscious, Sub-Conscious, Objective, Reflexive, Emotional, Instinctive, Cultural, Educational, Scientific,
    Religious, Doctrinal, Theological, Scientific, Poetic, Imagery Technical, Fact, Fiction, Childish, Adolescent,
    Adult, Sexual, Factual, Fictional, Dishonest, Pretentious, Arrogant, etc.

 3. Within different; Tribes, Gangs, Clubs, Exclusions, Religions, Educations, Schools, Academic-Disciplines,
    Villages, Cities, States, Nations, Corporations, Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes, Collusive-
    Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, etc.

 4. Within: Habits, Traditions, Institutions, Instincts, Addictions, Codependent-Support-Networks-of-Addicts, etc.

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