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The following Five Kinds-of--Processes are distinctively different processes; with significantly different
ways in which true-statements are evaluated,   rightly and/or wrongly  - - -  within the various ways described.

 1. Political-Election-Campaigning - - - to encourage potential voters to become concerned and to decide to
    actually go and vote for the people "recommended" by the sponsors of very expensive paid advertisements
    on TV, Radio or Billboards; and rarely by in-person conversations with the actual candidates.

 2. Political Campaigns seeking to get voters and legislators to favor the passing of legislation of a 
    particular kind; to favor contractors and projects that will be profitable to particular contractors
    and Life-Long-Political-Leaders.

 3. Theological-Debates about what doctrines, rituals, prescriptions, proscriptions and taboos should be-
    honored, prevail and guide day-to-day-behaviors   which are essentially    conformal and/or rebellious
    in nature.

 4. Scientific-Research, Experimentation, Publications and Dialogues that are successful in creating the most
    Accurate-and-Reliable Sets-of-Descriptive-Statements about the regularities that are observed World-Wide
    as regards Interactions-and-Relationships - - - that can serve best in: Predicting, Anticipating and Wisely-
    Managing future Objective-Processes and Events; e.g.: Newton's-Laws of Gravity and Motion, Boyle's-Gas-Laws,
    Gauss's, Ampere's, Faraday's, and Maxwell's Laws pertaining to Electric-and-Magnetic: Charges, Currents,
    Fields, and Waves - - - which are the Foundations Upon which all human engineering uses of such phenomena 
    are reliably based.

 5. The objective-natures of Astronomical-Objects within the Expanding-Cosmos where they are evolving:
    Dust-Clouds, Stars, Planets, Asteroids, Comets, Star-Clusters, Galaxies, Clusters-of-Galaxies, Red-Giant-Stars, 
    White-Dwarf-Clouds, Pulsars, Neutron-Stars, Black-Holes, Cosmic-Rays, Electromagnetic-Rays, Infra-Red-Radiations,
    Ultra-Violet-Radiations, Photons, X-Rays, Gamma-Rays, Big-Bang-Radiations, etc. - - - and ways of understanding
    of all of the evolutions in the above realms.

                     Be Graciously Together in Shalom   within  Space-Ship  Mother-Earth