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In order to be   TRUSTED and Graciously-Helpful   within collaborative-efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - -

we need to Intentionally-Avoid-Getting-Involved (overtly and/or complicity) within:

 1. Taking-Sides in any Alienative-Conflicts

 2. Taking a "Position" in any Alienative-Conflicts.

 3. Supporting leaders who have taken unbalanced "Positions" in any Alienative-Conflicts.

 4. Commenting about the conflicting merits within specific Alienative-Conflicts.

 5. Opposing Leaders within any Alienative-Conflicts.

 6. Denigrating Leaders within any Alienative-Conflicts.

 7. Prescribing-or-Proscribing any particular:

    Behaviors    Communications    Personal-Associations   Interests

    Desires      Hopes             Intimate-Relationships  Ideals

    Values       Principles        Virtues                 Grounds-for-Hope

 8. Enforcing any Prescription, Proscription or TABOO - - - in any ways that entail:

    Excommunications    Exclusivity    Banishments    Shunnings    Enforced-Alienations    Purifications

    Unilateral-Actions  Demands        Arrogance      Pretentions  Attacks      Threats    Purity

    Violence            Coercion       Oppression     Depressions  Greed        Hoarding   Conformity

 9. Presuming to be Superior-People    Invulnerable   Secure       Honorable    Reverent   Conformed   Incoherent

10. Presuming to be Above-Criticism    Invulnerable   Secure       Honorable    Reverent   Conformed   Incoherent

                                 Be Graciously Together in Shalom