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To-the-Extent-That  a community is DOMINATED by Mutually-Exclusive  Advantages-and-Relationships - - - among the Greedy-
versus-Vulnerable people who are present in the community - - - the community will pay the high costs of Alienative-
Conflicts - - - followed by Costs-of-Patterns-of-Consequent-Alienations that undermine all healthy-Forms of:

Civility     Civilization    Cooperation     Colaboration    Shalom          Sanctuaries   Open-and-Honest-Dialogues

Mutual-Understandings        Sustainability  Integrity       Authenticity    Health-Care   Communal-Health    Peace

Stability    Reconciliations Recovery        Mutual-Trust    Mutual-Respect  Admiration    Reverence          Grace

Exploration  Being-Together  Research        Communication   Intimacies      Appreciation  Hospitality        Generosity

Because of the above costs, we will do well to Cooperate in Mitigating Our-Own  Alieantive-Conflicts.  It makes sense!

                           Be-Graciously-Together  within   Shalom's-Gracious-Ways!