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To facilitate Healthy-Intimate/Sexual-Relationships - - - we need to help young people to distinguish
between the many diverse   Disintegrative/Alienative   Reasons-for-Avoiding   Inherently-Dangerous-Alienative
OCCASIONS-OF INTIMACY/SEXUALITY - - - IN-CONTRAST-TO   Reasons-for-Affirming  Inherently-Reconciling-Opportunities
WITHIN-SHALOM'S-SANCTUARIES for Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - over intimacy-and-sexuality  AND

Authentically-Helping young-children and adolescents to recognize such real differences - - - within the context of
embarrassments and/or terrors on the part of Emotionally-Immature-Adults - - - is HARD-TO-DO Graciously!   The real 
occasions for Inherent-Dangers in contexts of INTIMACY/SEXUALITY - - - usually involve One-or-More of the following-

 1. Contrasting/Unbalanced levels of: Power, Wealth, Education, and Maturity within the people who are participants 

 2. Excessively similar DNA among the participants - - - generating the hazards of inbreeding in conceived babies.

 3. Ignorance about the hazards of the participants becoming prematurely/more/excessively intimate and/or sexually 
    involved with each other - - - at the present time - - - within the present context - - - in unbalanced ways.

 4. Inadequate attention given to the kinds-and-levels of: responsibility, coherence, cooperation, colaboration, 
    authenticity, mutuality, balance, honesty, vulnerability, tolerance, etc. that are essential in any Healthy-
    Form of Intimacy-and/or-Sexuality.

 5. The natures of the differences-between the diverse hazards created by various realities such as:

    Coercion             Domination      Violence     Inequality     Arrogance      Dishonesty      Pretentions

    Complexity           Chaos           Trying-to-WIN: Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception    Simplifications

    Self-Righteousness   Ignorance       Confusion    Segregations   Alienation     Diseases        Mental-Illnesses

    Excessively   Alike/Different Participants  - - -  CONVOLUTED by Ill-Founded:   Fears           Terrors

    Embarrassment        Conceptual-Frameworks          Assumptions      Beliefs    Convictions     Traditions

 5. The complexity of    Reflexive-Relationships   that involve many participants and interested-observers/critics - - -

                                        All-in-the-context of Alienative-Conflicts over:

    Standards       Rules        Regulations      Laws     Demands     Moral-Codes    Ethical-Codes    Pretentions

                                        Within:   Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.

 6. The Impossibility of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - being Healthy-Participants in any:

    Healthy   Personal  Intimate/Sexual   Relationships  - - - because of the Demands-and-Commands of their

    Incoherent-Life-Styles and their  Incoherent-Core:   Ideals,  Values,  Principles,  Virtues  and  


 7. Typical humans cannot reliably and fully discern the shades in the kinds-and-purity of present-colors-
    within spectrums of implications - - - that each person discerns within the intimacies-and-sexual-nuances which 
    each person believes that they have shared with each other.   Mis-Understandings-and Mis-Interpretations are
    common; and Disappointments/Hurts Often-Follow!

To Mitigate-Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - we Must-Let-Go-Of Alienative: Moods, Attitudes, Assumptions,
Preoccupations, Polarizations, Missions, Desires, Technologies - - - that reliably-generate: anger, revenge,
despair, repressions, depressions, etc. among   The-Dominated-Poor-People   Within-the-Crew  of God's
Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated   Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth. 

                                                Be-Together In-Shalom!