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KEYS ****

People who are primarily committed to helping each other to MITIGATE-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts - - -
to help mitigate the Over-All-Ling-Term-Costs TO-ALL-PEOPLE - - - 

Cannot-with-integrity "support" the CENTRAL-CONCERNS of people who are primarily-committed to 
WINNING-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - REGARDLESS OF THE COSTS TO OTHER PEOPLE!


(1) People who are primarily committed to WINNING-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts - - -
    FEAR that everything-done-by-other-people - - - is done "to compromise" or "undermine" 
    their own  best-interests.

(2) Egocentric-Perspectives   Dominate-the-Perspectives of Domineering-People.

(3) Domineering-Bullies cannot allow themselves to believe that other people are capable
    of having Reliable-Perspectives that DO-NOT-MATCH the Domineering-Bullies' Own Egocentric-Perspectives.

Because of the above circumstances - - - "sympathizing-with" the CENTRAL-CONCERNS of Domineering-Bullies - - - 
will undermine   any-authentic-efforts  of  True-Lovers to MITIGATE-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts  - - - by 
sowing the seeds of SUSPICIONS that they are NOT-TRULY-COMMITTED to MITIGATING-their-own-Alienative-Conflicts 
- - - and thereby undermining vulnerable   weak/poor   people's TRUST-IN-THEM - - - thereby undermining their
primary mission.   Transparent coherence is essential in their essential work to make our civilization become
                                      Be-Together In-Shalom!