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KEYS ****

The following describes some aspects of the  CONUNDRUM  experienced by well-educated, intelligent and  thoughtful
Astronomers and Physicists - - - as regards trying to evolve and enjoy  any   honestly-and-graciously  well-integrated - - -
View/Perspective of  "prayer";   within the religious traditions where  "prayer"  is viewed in some sense as "communication"
with a God who is like human persons, or vice-versa - - - in a theistic religious tradition that evolved within - - -
our  Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated  Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth   seen as a  FLAT-PLANE   with the known  civilization
at the Center-of-the-Flat-Plane.

 1. If God is like a person with whom we can be in communication:

    a. Where in Space-Time is God-Present?

    b. How do signals from us, get to God?   Get from God, to us?   From One-Part-of-God, to other Parts-of-God?

    c. How do God's   responsive-effects   Get-Back-To-Us.

    d. Are the effects transmitted by radiations   known to physicists and astronomers?

    e. If not the above radiations; is it by   unrelated  "spiritual" radiations?  How are they related to known kinds of        radiation in any coherent ways?

    f. How do those other radiations have any effective effects - - - upon reaching us?

    g. Do the effects reach and effect changes in our "brains", "hearts", "souls", "spirits", etc?

    h. Do the above effects over-ride traditional cause-and-effect-interactions and relationships?  Transcend them?

    i. How can the above effects - - - be discerned within the contexts of more limited effects?  
       Be confirmed by many people?

    j. What does God do about  "EVIL"  wherever it may be present?  To what effect?

       Does God act to: Eliminate "EVIL": People, Things, Spirits, Ideals, Values, Principles, Goals, Places, Activities, 

       Desires, Dreams, Fantasies, Pleasures, Relationships, Intimacies, Sexuality, Domination, Violence?  How?  Unilaterally?

    k. Does God Unilaterally-Mitigate-ALIENATIVE: Conflicts,   Relationships,  Activities,  Violence,     Coercion,     

                            Greed,   Domination,  Taboos,      Commands,       Wars,        Terrorism,    Arrogance?

    How then can responses to the above implied questions - - -  be integrated well into the well-integrated conceptual
    framework of:  intelligent, thoughtful, well-informed and gracious Physicists and Astronomers - - - who affirm the

    following kinds of descriptive statements about what   Is-Happening   in The-Cosmos and has regularly Happened

    with a very high level of:  consistency, reliability and robust-regular-consistency - - - in all known times and places?

    a. Information and Communications travel a at  a speed is at,  or slower-than,  the speed of all electromagnetic-
       radiations in empty space; e.g., all radio-waves, infra-red-heat-rays, visible-light, ultra-violet-light,
       X-rays, and Gamma-Rays - - - regardless of their sources - - - traveling close to 300,000,000 meters per second.

    b. The nearest star, other than our sun, is so far away that it takes the above kinds of radiation 4.3 years to come
       from that star to Space-Ship-Earth.  Earth-Orbiting Space-Ships with crews of humans travel at about 120 meters
       per second.  That is 4 Millionths of the speed of light, and at that speed it would take about 520 Million Years
       for such a space ship to reach the nearest star, and speed right past it, if there were no fuel left with which
       to stop the ship.  The amounts of fuel required to go much faster are unimaginably greater than to put our 
       space-ships in Earth-Orbit - - - around God's Space-Ship-Earth.   Where does  Our-God  reside?

3.  How are we to respond to such questions in well integrated and authentic-gracious ways?

    a. Is there a separate god for each inhabited planet with communicative creatures?  How do they differ?  Communicate?

    b. Does God communicate with creatures with whom we do not communicate?  Do  they pray?  In what ways?

    c. Does God unilaterally produce changes that violate the regularity of patterns of cause-and-effect that have been
       well researched-and-integrated into the coherent well-confirmed descriptive-laws-and-theories of-physics and

                         How can such interference augment the integrity of the cosmos? 

                         Can we ourselves reasonably revere such incoherence --- with integrity?

                    How are we to transcend with integrity - - - the Quandaries-Suggested-Above

4. What totally New-Kinds-of-Questions and Frame-Works for Formulating: Questions, Attitudes, Moods, Hopes, Visions,
   Dreams, Ideals, Values, Grounds-for-Hope, Grounds-for-Hospitality and Grounds for Generosity - - - Might-Generate-a-
   More Sustainable-Civilization - - - than we have recently seen.

5. What OLD: Questions, Assumptions, Attitudes, Beliefs, Ideals, Values, Principles, Grounds-for-Hope, etc. have 
   Prevailed Tool-Long in Alienative-Ways? How many times must they destroy People-and-Communities - - - before it is
   Safe to Transcend-and-Let-Go-of-Them?