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KEYS ****

IF It IS TABOO - - - to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with-our-closest-friends - - - 
about Our-Own-Experiences that pertain to an Alienative-Conflict that is affecting   Our-Own-Lives - - - 
THEN it will be Close-to-Impossible for US to Engage Graciously-and-Helpfully in:

 1. Efforts to Mitigate Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - and their Resultant-Alienations.
 2. Objective-and-Reflexive  Systems-Analyses-Research - - - regarding the related additional: Conflicts, Challenges,
    Risks, Costs and Threats to the Sustainability of Civility-and-Civilization in God's Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated
    Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth - - 0 which travels through the Unimaginably-Vast-Cold-Dangerous Cosmic-Void laced as it is
    with   nearly-as-fast-as-light   Penetrating-Cosmic-Ray-Bullets. 

 3. Formulating Graciously-Framed-Helpful-Penetrating-Questions that need to be the focus of many Open-and-Honest-Dialogues
    about how best to assure the Realization of  Reconciling-Distributive-Justice  for all the poor members of the crew of
    God's Space-Ship-Earth - - - whose most-basic-healthy-needs are Not-Yet-Being-Met in any gracious and loving way.

 4. Anticipating and Mitigating Destructive-Violence on the part of repressed, suppressed and depressed poor people - -  -
    whose most basic human rights have been systematically violated by more Powerful and Wealthy Domineering-Bullies
    and Mobbing-Mobsters in all kinds of  Corporations and Formal Institutions.

 5. Anticipating-and-Mitigating Destructive Patterns of Terrors, Terrorism, Terrorists and Violent-Wars to try to 
    stop such Destructive: Terrors, Terrorism, Terrorists - - - by copying and augmenting their Alienative-Technologies;
    thereby augmenting Post-Traumatic-Stress Syndromes == PTS Syndromes  and their costs to all of  Humanity.

 6. Mitigating-in-Timely-Gracious-Ways - - - Complicity with the Playing-to-WIN-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception
    Regarding-the-Long-Term-Global-Costs of Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts and Complicity-with-Distributive-Injustices.

 7. Dealing-Cooperatively and Graciously with others in Resolving-Our-Own-Conflicts over How-to-Budget Our-Own-Uses of
    Earth's Limited-Resources in the Outside-Thin-Skin which is only about 0.01 Percent of the Diameter of the Spherical
    Space-Ship; including:

    a. Territories of Useful-Land-to-Live-on-and-Abuse.
    b. Fresh-Air-and-Water near our homes.
    c. Practical Clean-And-SAFE-Energy-Fuels such as: Wood, Oil, Natural-Gas, Coal, U-235, U-238, Hydrogen, Tar-Sands, etc.
    d. Time-and-Personal Attention-and-Energy.
    e. Intellect and Humane-Services.
    f. Affection-and-Authentic-Intimacies.
    g. Money, Credit and Long-Term-Trust.
    h. Mutual-Understandings within Complex, Authentic and Enduringly-Significant Personal-Relationships.
    i. Hospitality, Generosity, Acceptance and Welcomes among Truly-Diverse-Peoples.
    j. Mathematical Skills, Languages, Analyses and Understandings of Important-Quantitative-Exponential-Growth-Relations.
    k. Conflict-Resolution-Skills in the context of Alienative-Conflicts and Alienations.
    l. Negotiation-Skills in the presence of        Alienative-Conflicts and Alienations.
    m. Diplomacy-Skills in the presence of          Alienative-Conflicts and Alienations.
    n. Understanding and Managing  Exponential-Growth threats to Global-Sustainability of Civilization in Space-Ship-Earth.
    o. Understanding and Managing: Pollution, and   Exponential-Growth of Garbage-and-Entropy.
    p. Understanding and Managing Finite Supplies of Coveted Material-Resources being depleted by    Exponential-Growths.
    q. Understanding and Managing Vulnerabilities, Anxieties and Terrors associated with   Births and Deaths.
    r. Understanding how to Augment:   Shalom, Peace, Cooperation, Colaboration and Relaxation.
    s. Understanding the importance of Communal-Health-Care and Distributive-Justice-for-All.
    t. Understanding the importance of Tolerance-and-Mutual-Acceptance as Keys to a       Sustainable-Civilization.
    u. Understanding the importance of Generosity, Prudence and Hospitality as Keys to a  Sustainable-Civilization.

                                           Be Graciously-Together-In-Shalom