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KEYS ****

When we choose among alternative-possibilities to affirm some, but not others - - - we will do well to 
affirm alternatives that - - -

 1. Are possible-to-fulfill without violating any thoroughly reliable objective-descriptive-laws-of-physics
    - - - e.g., not try to build any machine that is a Perpetual-Motion-Machine or which generates more 
    ENERGY-output-per-day than the amount of ENERGY put into the machine per-day. The "Descriptive-Law-of-
    Conservation-of-ENERGY" describes the fact that no such "machine" has been built and much research has
    been carried out based upon the Descriptive-Law which says that when-tracked-with-utmost-care; ENERGY
    changes form; but does not appear without having come from some other place, and does not dis-appear without
    going to some other place or into some other form of ENERGY.  There are a few dozen forms of ENERGY that     
    physicists and engineers have carefully tracked-and-measured.  The surprises have been much researched and talked about!

 2. Are SUSTAINABLE-IN-THE-LONG-TERM based in Space-Ship-Earth - - - using no more coveted material resources
    than are already within Space-Ship-Earth - - - except for small-samples that astronauts have brought and may bring back      
    from the moon; and maybe from Mars in the future.  The ENERGY-costs to transport much
    material into Space-Ship-Earth from far away - - - is astoundingly large!

 3. Will Reliably-Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - rather than Reliably-Augment-Alienative-Conflicts
    Between/Among  people and their: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Grounds-For-Hope.

 4. Are to be fulfilled in cooperative, gracious and integrative ways - - - with other people who also choose 
    to affirm the possible alternatives in Shalom's Ways that are Long-Term-Sustainable.

 5. Are alternatives compatible with Our-Mitigating   Our-Own  Alienative-Conflicts  and  Augmenting the 
    Sustainability of our Civility and Civilization within God' Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.

 6. Will not push us into Alienative-Imbalances generated by Mutually-Incompatible and/or Excessive Goals - - -
    at the expense of Denigrating other Complementary: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Grounds-for-Hope, etc.
    that will undermine Essential-Foundations for: Civility, Civilization and Human Mutual-Sustainability in Earth.

 7. Will augment our abilities to engage in more Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about all of the potentially devastating
    threats to the Sustainability-of-Civility-and-Civilization - - - as pointed to in these essays at
    and elsewhere.  If we are thoughtless and/or imprudent catastrophes are inevitable In-the-Long-Term!
 8. Will lead us into taking Prudent-Risks that are Truly-Essential to Civility and the Sustainability of our 
    human Civilization - - - even if at Great-Costs to some True-Lovers who are willing to take such Prudent-Risks. 
    Prudent   Non-Violent-Resistance   which is Truly-Essential to SUSTAINING  Civility and Civilization  has not
    been Cost-Free in the past!  Prudent  Non-Violent-Resistance  will not be Cost-Free in the future!

    Too often in the past, very few people have engaged in open-and-honest-dialogues regarding the Global-Net-Costs of
    the Following-Realities which Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters have PERSISTENTLY-AFFIRMED and led US to TRUST.
    Greed             Egocentrism     Hoarding       Getting       More         To-Consume     Waste           Garbage

    Exponential  ->   Growth     ->   Unlimited  ->  Eternally     Alienation   Arrogance      Pretensions     Dishonesty

    Conflicts         Polarizations   Dichotomies    Violence      Coercion     Demands        Commands        Shunnings
    Excommunications  Rejections      Punishments    Prisons       Exclusivity  Superiority    Genocides       Evil

    Personal    ->    Relationships   Addictions     Codependents  Military     Industrial     Congressional   Complexes

    Terrors           Wars            Terrorists     Redemptive    Collusive    Games          Mutual          Self

    Deception         Killing         Creativity     Intimacies    True         Lovers         Shalom          Sanctuaries

                           Take-Prudent-Essential-Personal-Risks to Sustain Shalom and Sanctuaries

                      Transcend and Let-Go-Of Domineering-Bullies-Life-Styles' and of their Supportive:

                      Ideals    Values   Principles    Virtues    Goals and Grounds-for-Long-Term-Hope.

                   People who WIN Collusive Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception  Become-Out-of-touch <=> INSANE.