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KEYS ****

Our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception    are   often intimately-wrapped-up in   Misleading-STORIES-about:

Redemption         Salvation         Satisfaction         Pleasures         Security         Invulnerability

PURCHASES          Happiness         SUSTAINABILITY       GROWTH            Significance     Acceptance

SUPERIORITY	   Intimacies        Qualifications       Teams             Coalitions       Competitions

Inclusions         Exclusivity       Alienative-Conflicts Families          Communities      Enemies            Strangers

Durable-Goods      Gold              Silver               Paper-Money       Securities       Stocks   

Bonds              Mortgages         Economics            Fraud             Collapse         Depression

Inflation          Distrust          Domination           Threats           Attacks          Violence           Controls


The CHALLENGE is to   Reliably-Discern  what the    Reflexive-Stories   tell-us-about:

                   1. The Creators of the stories.

                   2. The Repeaters of the stories.

                   3. The Editors of the stories.

                   4. The Tellers of the stories.

                   5. The Listeners to the stories.

                   6. The Buyers of the stores.

                   7. The Buyers of Products Labeled with the stories.

                   8. The Buyers of Services Labeled with the stories.

                   9. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which Build-Admiration/Reverence for the Stories.

                  10. Wise-Prudent Objective-Reflexive Systems-Analysts of the above Reflexive-Realities.

We need to discern what reports are Reliably-Grounded in Authentic-Un-Coerced-Experiences of Healthy-and-Well-Integrated

Persons-and-Communities of Shalom's-All-Inclusive-Sanctuaries for Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about all relevant Human-

Experiences of Healthy-Basic-Needs and their Healthy-Satisfaction in Mutually-Supportive ways of Distributive-Justice.

We need to detect the Repressions-of-Human-Experiences of Victims of the   Disintegrative/Alienative  aspects of the above.

We need to trace-to-identify the causes-of-the-repressions   of  Human-Experiences of Victims  who are NOT In-Control.

We need to Cooperate in Mitigating Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts with Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters of all kinds.


Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters who have  Alienated-Themselves  from the  Victims of Their-Alienative-Conflicts

and Alienative-Behaviors of all kinds - - - in which they have been the   LEAST-COMPLICIT  in Creating and/or Augmenting

the Alienative-Conflicts and the Alienative-Behaviors - - -

ARE-NOT-QUALIFIED to engage in any helpful role   IN-THE-FOLLOWING   - - - until they have TRANSCENDED and LET-GO-OF:

Their Life-Styles, Their Accumulated-Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers, and Their Alienative-Ideals-Values-Virtues - - -

 1. Managing the lives of their victims,

 2. Mitigating Their-Own Alienative-Conflicts or Consequent-Alienations.

 3. Creating any Net-Long-Term-Helpful For-Everybody: Moral, Ethical, Spiritual, Economic or Technical  

    Standards-for-Honorable:  Behaviors, Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Grounds-for-Hope, etc. 

 4. Reconciling Victims of Alienation with those COMPLICIT in creating the Alienative-Conflicts/Alienation.

 5. Conflicts with their own repressed memories of their own experiences which called-into-question Domineering-Bullies':

Power-concentrations      Wealth-Concentrations    Violence      Coercion      Arrogance    Self-Righteousness

Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception                         Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes

                        AND  Technologies of Pretentious-Redemptive:

Violence    Coercion    Punishments     Excommunications     Shunnings     Addictions

Wars        Terrorism   Colonies        Consumption          Advertising   Corporations

Preaching   Controls    Prescriptions   Proscriptions        Morality      Ethics

                        ALIENATIVE      TABOOS               PUNISHMENTS

                             Be-Graciously-Together in SHALOM