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KEYS ****

Risky-Isolated: Virtues, Ideals, Values, Principles, etc. - - - In the Absence of Complementary-Other:

                Virtues, Ideals, Values, Principles, etc. - - - ARE LIKELY to lead many people into:

Alienative-Conflicts and Alienative-Relationships with other people; involving: Greed and Arrogance ;

                                With TRAGIC PATTERNS OF:

Self-Righteousness  Coercion    Violence    Domination      Exclusivity    Isolationism

Pretentiousness     Dishonesty  Deception   Disintegration  Destruction    NON-SUSTAINABILITY

                                INCLUDING   The-ABSENCE-of

Essential-Foundations of Civility and Civilization - - - Within God's  Astronomically  Tiny-and-Isolated

Spherical-Space-Ship-Earth - - - in the Vast, Cold and Dangerous Cosmic-Void of Eternal-Cosmic-Rays.

                                BEWARE of the ABSENCE OF:

Hospitality     Distributive-Justice    Generosity   Mutual-Support   Reliability  Balance       Flexibility

Inclusivity     Welcomes    Acceptance  Tolerance    Accuracy         Honesty      Authenticity  Significance

Personal-Integrity          Communal-Integrity       Diversity        Creativity   Shalom        Sanctuaries

Dialogues       Mutuality   Thoughtfulness           Information      Reasoning    Empathy       Sympathy   

Visions         Dreams      Imagination              Questions        True-Intimacy-Risks        Vulnerability

                                Cooperate to Remedy the above ABSENCES