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KEYS ****

Domineering-Bullies are prone to Forms-of-Idolatry wherein the Revere-Absolute-Commands and Absolute-Truths

that are NOT-QUALIFIED-by-Any-Conditions; i.e., they are to be unconditionally honored and revered at all

times, places and in all circumstances - - - regardless of new:

Conditions      Situations       Revolutions      Changes        Alieantive-Conflicts      Ignorance

Confusion       Crises           Domination       Repressions    Depressions               Oppressions

and diverse     Readings and Interpretations  by  Differing-People who have experinced quite different

                                 Heritages  and   Perspectives

Because of their Idolatrous-Absolutes - - - Domineering-Bullies  Cannot-Deal-Honestly with Complicated

Probabilities,  Spectrums of Colors in Rainbows-of-Possibilities, or Shades-of-Grey in Any-Alienation.