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KEYS ****

When we fail-to-get what-we-think-we-want in-one-way; we are prone to Try-Harder to get IT in alternative

ways which entail ALIENATIVE-FORMS of:

Addictions          Surrender      Dependency       Idolatry      Technocracy      Greed

Controls            Domination     Arrogance        Pretentions   Collusions       Extremism

Violence            Depression     Suppressions     Codependency  Rituals          Traditions

Isolation           Intimacy       Discipline       Reason        Logic            Purity

Excommunications    Cynicism       Hopelessness     Shunnings     Banishments      Rejections

It is often hard to believe that it makes more sense to Be-Together Graciously-in-Shalom  - - -

Cooperating in Mutual-Reciprocity-and-Equality - - - rather than in Perpetual-Competition for

Personal-Superiority through Domination of Each-Other who we feel threatens US - - - Dominated by

our own Anxieties Fears, Terrors and related realities that both MOTIVATE and GUIDE US.

                  We need to Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts - - - To Be-Healthy.

                   We are NOT-SUSTAINABLE so long as we cling to Alieantive-Conflicts!

                 Build Communal-Sanctuaries and Be-Graciously-Gether In-the-Sanctuaries!