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KEYS ****

To "make-sense" of some tragic-people's current behaviors - - - we may need to see-the-behaviors as:

 1. The results of people being involved in the Playing of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - -
    in terms of which the behaviors "make-sense"; especially after such Games-have-been-WON!

 2. The results of one or more mental-illnesses.

 3. The results of one or more physiological-illnesses.

 4. The results of one or more injuries due to violence, coercion, repressions, dominations, etc.

 5. The results of life-long conditioning by their communities-of-influence; e.g., through:
    advertising, entertainments, news-reports, economic-violence, etc.

 6. The results of religious-indoctrination, pretentious-theologies, alienative-paradigms, etc.

 7. The results of the training generated by the pervasive Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes.

 8. The results of ADDICTIONS TO: Drugs, Sex, Food, Work, Romances, Human-Idols, A-Person, A-Hobby,
    Alienative-Conflicts, Political-Polarizations-and-Contentions, etc.

 9. Post-Traumatic-War Syndromes.

10. Post-Traumatic-Terrorism Syndromes.

11. Post-Traumatic-Violence Syndromes.

12. Post-Traumatic-Alienative-Conflict Syndromes.

13. Post-Traumatic-Excommunication Syndromes.

14. Post-Traumatic-Shunnings Syndromes.

15. Post-Traumatic-Imprisonment-Syndromes.

16. Post-Traumatic-Migration-Syndromes.

Victims of all such syndromes are Very-Unlikely to Cure-Themselves of their Own-Syndromes - - - in Isolation, 
Terrors, Anxieties and Fears.

Victims of such Tragic-Syndromes are most likely to be cured of their Tragic-Syndromes - - - within Gracious-
Sanctuaries and Personal-Reconciling-Intimate-Relationships - - - wherein they can be both Vulnerable-and-Safe in
Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about their   Healthy-but-Not-Yet-Met  NEEDS  - - -  with  True-Lovers who: Understand,
Care and Empathize-with-Victims - - - in Ways which Demonstrate: Sensitivity, Empathy, Sympathy, Kindness, Care,
Hospitality, Generosity and Distributive-Justice for All.   

                                 Be-Graciously-Together in Shalom's Ways of LOVE.