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KEYS ****

In a truly healthy-well-integrated community - - - which is long-term-sustainable:

 1. Diversity in exploring-to-discover different-possibly-healthy-and-sustainable:

    Ideals     Values    Principles   Virtues     Grounds-for-Hope     etc. - - -

    - - -  is-tolerated in thoughtful, gracious and well-informed ways - - -

    with wise-and-prudent cautions: graciously suggested, described and demonstrated.

 2. Open-and-Honest Offerings-of-Descriptions of Journeys-of-Discovery are not only

    tolerated;  they are encouraged with offerings of Gracious, Wise and prudent suggestions

    of how-to-recognize dangerous-extremes;  which are NOT-SUSTAINABLE - - - because of how

    dangerous-extremes generate  tragically  Alienative/Destructive/Disintegrative  outcomes 

    - - -  whenever true: wisdom, prudence and cautions - - - are not heeded-and-honored.

 3. There are gracious, wise and judicious traditions for Reconciling-People who have: accidents,
    falls, stumbles, misfortunes and encounters with trials-and-tribulations because of diverse

    people's COMPLICITIES in IGNORING offered: descriptions, warnings, and suggestions of prudent

    cautions about Going-too-Far in Dangerous-Directions as regards: ideals, values, principles, 

    virtues and grounds-for-hope - - - - - that are not WELL: Informed, Researched, Examined, 

    Reconsidered, Thought-About and/or Openly-and-Honestly Discussed in Dialogues-with-Different-

    People - - - - within Safe-Sanctuaries for Truly-Intimate-Sharings-of-Insights which are NOT

    Traditional Prescribed, Expected, Honored, etc.

 4. There are Gracious, Wise, and Judicious CAUTIONS about the dangers in Trying-Win any Collusive-

    Games of Mutual-Self-Deception - - - where the CAUTIONS are offered with suggestions regarding 

    HOW-to-RECOGNIZE seductions-into and accommodations-to - - - the playing of Collusive-Games-of-

    Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which lead to Tragically-Winning  the "advantages" of being "Out-

    Of-Touch-with-Reality - - - in the Shadows-of-Insanity.

 5. People are trained to deal with the statistical-variations   in   describable-patterns-of-random-

    outcomes of dangerous versus prudent ways of non-conventional and non-traditional behaviors which

    are problematically-creative-and-dangerous; especially within the contexts of Alienative-Conflicts

    and people trying to WIN-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - leading to Being-Out-of-Touch!

 6. People are trained to recognize, describe and be-in-open-and-honest-dialogues about the dangers-of-

    admiring-honoring-adopting any EXTREME/ISOLATED: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Ground-for-Hope,

    and/or TECHNOLOGIES - - - for unilaterally-achieving envisioned-goals; e.g., within the contexts of

    Idolatrous-Extremes with  IMPRUDENT:  ENTHUSIASM, TENACITY, LOYALTY and/or PATRIOTISM - - - while seeking


 7. Young people are educated in liberating-ways to recognize the hazards that are often associated with

    imprudent-behaviors that involve extremes-as-regards the following - - - when-they-are  ALIENATIVE 

    realities of real-life:

    Dichotomies     Polarizations   Insensitivity    Emoting       Contentions   Isolation

    Alienation      Violence        Coercions        Domination    Purity        Peace
    Wealth          Powers          Controls         Punishments   Prisons       Traps

    Rewards         Coalitions      Pride            Certainty     Superiority   Righteousness

    Attacks         Defenses        Invulnerability  Security      Growth        Consumption

    Holdings        Possessions     Profits          Sciences      Technologies  Weapons

    Stability       Rigidity        Tenacity         Works         Drugs         Addictions

    Codependence    Intimacies      Sexuality        Honor         Respect       Reverence

    Rituals         Traditions      Paradigms        Theology      Scriptures    Knowledge

    Entertainment   News            Advertising      Campaigns     Politics      Priorities

    Sexuality       Purity          Morality         Ethics        Systems       Computers

    Militarism      Corporations    Governments      Constraints   Restraints    Repressions

    Depressions     Economics       Money            Interest      Investments   Possessions

    Specialization  Boundaries      Walls            Fences        Experts       Authorities

    Humility        Submission      Enslavement      Resistance    Mitigation    Alienation

    Arrogance       Greed           Hoarding         Empires       Colonialism   Projections

    Taxes           Giving          Getting          Distributive  Injustice     Justice

                    Be-Together  Within-Shalom  Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts.

    What combinations of the above considerations will be desired-and-found to be-pleasing-and

    sustainable - - - to any particular person or group-of-persons - - - Cannot-Be-Discerned or

    determined   By-Isolated:  scholars, scientists, political-leaders, religious-leaders, and/or By-

    Technocratic-Leaders  - - -  using any favored: means, logic, reasoning - - - which is minimally-

    informed in Truly-Reflexive-Ways, about the PERSONAL: Heritages, Histories, Experiences, Meditations

    and Intimacies of persons and groups - - - Apart-From  and  Isolated-From  Open-and-Honest  Dialogues

    about such realities - - - Within-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues within the Sanctuaries-of-Shalom.