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KEYS ****

Domineering-Bullies are not qualified to help vulnerable-people to balance-the-risks of Becoming-Alienated
due to Alienative-Conflicts - - - and due to Dominant-Efforts to "Protect-Them" against the risks of some
non-conventional intimate-personal-relationships.

Domineering-Bullies are not qualified - - - because they are:  Ignorant-About, Confused-About, and Avoiding-
Personal-Participant-Within: Intimate-Personal-Relationships which are TABOO to them as Faithful-Domineering-
Bullies who must:

 1. Always be invulnerable in defending themselves and others of their: Life-Styles, Ideals, Values, Principles,
    Grounds-for-Hope and Pretentions-of-Invulnerability.

 2. Play-to-Win their particular Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about the meaning and significance
    of what they have done and will do/accomplish.

 3. Be conformed to their coalition's prescriptions and proscriptions about appearances, desires, actions, etc.

 4. Not associated with people whose appearances, desires, actions, etc. - - - are "questionable", "doubtful", etc.

 5. Not be vulnerable in any truly intimate-personal and/or sexual-relationships.

 6. Not be vulnerable in any truly cooperative/collaborative personal-relationships.

 7. Not be involved in any truly open-and-honest dialogues within any truly-hospitable sanctuary for True-Lovers.

 8. Not be involved in any open-and-honest-dialogue with: "strangers", "different-people", and/or "non-conformists".

 9. Show enthusiasm for supporting the "Right" side in the most important Alienative-Conflicts.

10. Not show any doubts about the Life-Styles for the Most-Dominant-Leaders in their own Coalition-of-Winners.