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KEYS ****
To Mitigate-our-Own Alienative-Conflicts we must transcend and Let-GO of our Fears-of-People who are "different" - - - - Rather-than Keep-Trying to Make-Others Demonstrate-Ways-of: Conformity rather-than Creativity Obedience rather-than Tolerance Purity rather-than Integrations Alieantion rather-than Appreciation Traditions rather-than Transcendence Hostility rather-than Hospitality Revenge rather-than Reconciliation Domination rather-than Demonstrations Destruction rather-than Descriptions Alienations rather-than Affirmations Contentions rather-than Cooperation Negations rather-than Negotiations Demands rather-than Dilogues Hostility rather-than Hospitality Commands rather-than Communications Intimidations rather-than Intimacies Repressions rather-than Restitutions Resentment rather-than Reconciliation Suppressions rather-than Supports Suspicions rather-than Suggestions Pretentions rather-than Perspectives Attacks rather-than Welcomes Seductions rather-than Liberations