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KEYS **** 

The following statements are True-and-Reliable Descriptive-Statements - - - which

Many-People are Extremely-Reluctant to Acknowledge-as-True-Statements  - - - because

Those-People   In-Terrified-Self-Defense   are desperately Playing-to-WIN - - - 

Collusive-and-Alienative-Games  of  Mutual-Self-Deception - - - to Escape-From

The-Realities  to which  The-True-Descriptive-Statements - - -  Reliably-Point!

All of the following Statements will merit:  MUCH  INFORMED  Thoughtful-and-Gracious   Open-and-Honest-Dialogues.


 1. Space-Ship-Earth is Astronomically  both  Tiny-and-Extremely-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial

    Coveted-Kinds of Material-Resources such as:  Oil, Coal,  Uranium-235,  Uranium-238,  Gold, Silver, Platinum and

    Scarce-Rare-Earth-Elements   that play essential roles in many modern technological marvels.

 2. Round-Trip-Space-Travel by Human-Made  Space-Ships  to the vicinity of   Each-Notable-Star  Other-Than-Our-Sun

    Is-Always Going-to-Require   Travel-Times  That will Far-Exceed  All-Recorded-Human-History - - - and

    Will-Require the Consumption of  More-Of  Diverse-Essential-Material-Natural-Resources than will ever exist 

    adequately within   Space-Ship-Earth  and/or   be truly    Accessible-To-Humans   from within our Solar-System.

 3. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters  who attempt to Concentrate-Powers-and-Wealth  without-limit - - -

    In-Alienative-Ways - - - Generate  Alienative-Conflicts that are Major-Threats to the SUSTAINABILITY and 

    SURVIVAL  of the Human-Species  as the   Dominant-Members  of the   Crew-of-Space-Ship-Earth.

 4. For any   Material-Resource-Dependent   Exponential-Growth-Rate   TO-SURVIVE  about one-hundred-years - - -

    the Annual-Rate-of-Growth must be less than about 2% Per-Year.    This will include the manufacture and use
    of "Consumer-Goods", Cars, Trucks, Airplanes, Trains, Roads, Rail-Tracks, Buildings, Communication-Devices,

    Entertainment-Devices, Computers, Space-Ships etc.  It may also include the generation of: Investments, Bonds,

    Stocks, Securities, Mortgages, etc.

 5. Each of the following realities are Major-Threats to the Sustainability of the Civility and Civilization that

    exists now, and may exist in the future, within   God's     Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth.

    Greed                     Egocentrism                     Dishonesty               Distributive-Injustice
    Alienative-Conflicts      Exponential-Growth-Patterns     Addictions               Arrogance/Self-Righteousness

    Codependent-Supporters    Playing-to-Win Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception  ====> Out-of-Touch-with-Reality!

    People who: Respect, Admire, Honor, Imitate, Revere or Otherwise-Affirm - - - The Life-Styles, Ideals, Values,
    Principles,  Grounds-for-Hope,  Advantages and Other-Coveted-Aspects of:  - - - -

    Domineering-Bullies      Mobbing-Mobsters            Concentrations-of-Powers      Concentrations-of-Wealth

    Winners-of-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception  People-with-Superior-Status   People-with-Superior-Technologies

 6. To-Be-Authentic-Contributors to the Sustainability of Our-Space-Ship-Earth's Civility-and-Civilization

    All-People - - - REGARDLESS	of their levels of: Wealth, Power, Influence, Honor, Education, Popularity, etc. 

    Must be Publicly-Committed To-Doing-Coherently - - - all that is in their own - - - Power, Ability and Opportunity:

    (1) To-Mitigate their Own-Alienative-Conflicts.

    (2) To-Mitigate Alienation during efforts to regulate: Private, Unconventional, Creative & Integrative  RELATIONSHIPS.

 7. Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters in Official-and-Unofficial Positions-of-Influence - - - are prone to 

    try to Micro-Manage  other people's lives  in Alienative-Ways   that cause  NET-HARM  THROUGH ALIENATION  - - -

    because they    generate-few   Shared-Compensating-Benefits  - - -  over-All  in the   Long-Term   World-Wide.


    Intelligent, Thoughtful and Well-Informed people who have EVIDENCE that any of these statements are NOT: 

    ACCURATE, RELIABLE or TRUSTWORTHY - - - should be encouraged to publish their evidence  so that all people can

    become well-informed about the nature-of-the-evidence and how-to-test-the-evidence for accuracy-and-reliability;

    and there should be widely based   Open-and-Honest  Public-Dialogues   about the reliability and  relevance of 
    such evidence to questions  about  HOW: ACCURATE, RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY - - - these statements actually are!