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KEYS ****

Being-Together in Shalom's Gracious-Ways - - - involves Cooperative-Actions-Together such as:

                                   Transcending      Letting-Go        Renouncing:


Greed             Coveting         Hoarding          Getting-More      Idolatry       Abusing         Domination


Tools             Techniques       Technologies      Goods             Rituals        Traditions      Doctrines

Scriptures        Domination       Controls          Commandments      Rites          Taboos          Idols

                  By-Which            We-and-Our-Superior-Few          Might-Hope-to-Enjoy

Security          In-Exclusive-Invulnerability       Salvation         Eternal-Life   SUSTAINABILITY  Luxuries/Safety


     Only  when  we are free of the above:  distractions,  burdens  and  distractions; can-we-be-free  to then:

     Yearn-For      Seek     Research     Explore    Do-Reflexive-Systems-Analyses-Regarding    and   ENJOY  - - - -

     Integrity with All Members of The-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated   Space-Ship-Earth   IN:

     Communal-and-Personal:   Civil   Coordinated    Cooperation   Colaboration  -  Through-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues;

     Affirming and Demonstrating - - - Distributive-Justice-for-All Members of The-Crew in Space-Ship-Earth - - - -

     Striving for Long-Term-SUSTAINABILITY without WINNING any Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception in Isolation - -

     While Orbiting through the Unimaginably-Hugh COSMIC-VOID which is Unimaginably-COLD & laced with Deadly Cosmic-Rays

     between Space-Ship-Earth and the nearest Extra-Terrestrial-Material-Resources; at all like those coveted here!
All-of-Which-Resources would be consumed in one TIMELY-PERSONAL-ROUND-TRIP to-the-very-nearest-star. SHALOM!