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KEYS ****

People who excel in sharing some More-Negative: Moods, Emotions, Attitudes, Assumption and Thoughtless-Opinions - - - 
than most people can imagine - - - thereby inform their hearers and readers - - - only about the character of their own
souls; and share with other people virtually no helpful/useful information or insights of any kind.

What is the path to transcending such compulsive negativity?

How can we most helpfully and graciously respond to such compulsive:

Negativity?      Alienative-Behaviors?    Violent-Behaviors?       Destructive-Behaviors?

Chaos?           Fear?                    Anxiety?                 Being-Out-of-Touch?  - - - - - -

While Avoiding:  Irrelevance   and Feed-Back-Loops  which          Echo-The-Above-Behaviors? 

While Avoiding:  The hazards of trusting only people who are       Exclusively-Like-US?

While Avoiding:  The hazards of cynicism, withdrawal, despair, indifference, depression?

While Avoiding:  The hazards of naivete, ignorance, confusion, provincialism?

We need to Seek-to-Recognize-and-Admire Well-Integrated-True-Lovers and Mitigators of their Own-Alienative-conflicts!

They will not be failing in any of the above suggested ways!