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A Helpful-Challenge for people seeking to Mitigate Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - is to draft
some few statements-of-affirmations of transcendent: ideals, values, principles and virtues - - - 
that might serve as essential foundations for mitigating their troubling alienative conflicts in 
space-ship-earth.  Even hints of NEGATIONS, BLAME, SHAME, FAULT, etc. - - - need to be avoided.

The challenge is to find COMMON-GROUNDS; affirmations upon which participants can clearly agree and can
trust each other in using as foundations for cooperative work reliably and without mutual-Suspicion
in work which is: cooperative, collaborative, coordinated, coherent, civil - - - all impossible in the
absence of comfortable mutual trust.  If the focus is not upon fulfilling the most basic and healthy
needs of all present - - - there  ARE  Alienative-Conflicts-Present;  even if people are not aware of what
ARE-the-FOCI of those Alienative-Conflicts.

It will be normal to discover ARE the Alienative-Conflicts Present  BETWEEN/AMONG  ALL  of the  IDEALS  of:

 1. Majority-Rule  AND  Distributive-Justice; AND
 2. Survival-of-the-Fittest  AND  Hospitality/Generosity/Distributive-Justice; AND
 3. Security-in-Coalitions-of-Like-Minded-Conformists   AND   Shalom-Shared-in-Sanctuaries-for-All-in-Hospitality; AND
 4. Security-in-Holding-the-Fruits-of-Superior-Labors   AND   Security-in-Transcendent-Cooperation-AND-Cooperation; AND
 5. Security-in-Superior-Unilateral-Technologies-of-Defense-AND-Domination; AND
 6. Security-in-Superior-Power-Wealth-AND-Influence; AND
 7. Security-in-Clearly-Defining-the-Nature-of-Evil-People who are The-Enemies that must be Eliminated; AND
 8. Security-in-Eliminating All-Evil in All-Enemies that can be identified!


To Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-conflicts we must move  OUTSIDE-OF the realms where the focus is All on:

Technologies    Techniques      Technocrats       Technocracies     Bullies           Mobbing-Mobsters

Fears           Anxieties       Insecurity        Suspicions        Dishonesty        Secrets

Predictions     Expectations    Domination        Greed             Getting-More      Wanting-More

Impressions     Concentrations-of-Superior-Wealth-and-Powers        Invulnerability   Certainty


To Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-conflicts we must move     INTO    the realms where the focus is All on:

Mutual-TRUST    Cooperation     Colaboration      Coordination       Open-and-Honest-Dialogues in Shalom

Mutual-RESPECT  Civility        Reciprocity       Hospitality        Sharing          Interdependence

Mutual-SUPPORT  Balance         Building-TRUST    Building-Respect   Building-Sanctuaries-for-All-to-Share-In

Objective-and-Reflexive-System-Analyses of Needs  Transcending-Trying-to-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception


                 The challenge is always to Be-Inclusive in ways which are Not-About-Being:

   Superior      Entitled       Qualified       Rank-Ordered     In-any-Hierarchy     Wealthy         Empowered


                 The challenge is ALSO about    NOT-Being        Regularly-Submissively-Tolerant-of: ALIENATIVE:

   Conflicts     Behaviors      Ideals          Values           Principles           Virtues        Hopes            

   Aspiration    Expectations   Successes       Achievements     Domination           Management     Administrations

   Arrogance     Pretensions    Dishonesty      Greed            Self-Righteousness   Hoarding       Consumption

                                             In-Self or In-Others