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KEYS ****

    "Objectors" commonly focus upon what "others:"

 1. Have NOT said or done in-Proper-Conformity; 

 2. Have     said or done in Non-Orthodox and Intolerable-Ways.

 3. Have     said or down in ways that invite Heretical-Beliefs-and-Actions.

 4. Have     said or done in ways which distract from more immportant foci for attention.


If people are behaving in ways designed to influence others, on the basis of intuited but unreliably interpreted
signals of other's judgments of each others' ground for trust and/or dis-trust - - - how likely is it that communal
decisions will be well informed and reasonably/reliably reached?

If our objective-and-reflexive-behavior-patterns are not Long-Term-SUSTAINABLE - - - how can we cooperate to 
interpret-the-signals that-we-have-among-us - -- in reliable ways as regards both Objective-and-Reflexive-Signals
and realities - - - so as to make appropriate changes in our own behaviors (both reflexive-and-objective)  so as to
respond in-long-term-SUSTAINABLE-WAYS; in-all-regards?  


What are the keys here to both:

(1) Personal-and-Communal kinds of - - -

(2) Objective-and-Reflexive-Integrities All-Around; as regards - - -

(3) Present-Realities-and-Continuing-Processes; regarding our - - -

(4) Perceptions-and-Interpretations - - - of all kinds of realities - - -

(5) With which people are playing to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception!

How can anybody WIN under such confusing circumstances of Alienative-Feed-Back-Looping-Around-and-Around-and-Around?