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KEYS ****

An early exercise in a Workshop on Mitigating Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts  can start with the following kind of 

Write down a list of Brief-Descriptions of: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues and Affirmations - - - that you 
regard as Most-Worth of Unqualified-Respect, Trust and Honor - - - within a wide-range-of-contexts - - - now and 
into the distant-future - - - Robust-in-the-Long-Term World-Wide.

Avoid explicitly and implicitly Negative-and-Alienative Words-and-Phrases.

Avoid using words and phrases that are clearly suggestive of any particular: political-party, candidates, office-
holders or contemporary Alienative-Conflicts that are in the news or on the horizon; or suggestive of any present
or forming coalition of Activists or Major-Leaders in the realms of evolving: Politics, Religions, Economics,
Technologies, Energy-Resources, Material-Resources, Water-Resources, Air-Resources, Communication-Rights, Intimacy-
Rights, Communication-Technologies, Space-Technologies, Power-Concentrations, and/or Concentrations of Wealth and
Powers.  Focus upon Transcendent-Considerations in Insuring-the-Sustainability of Civilization within God's 
Astronomically Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth - - - as it orbits through the Unimaginably Vast-Void-Cold-And-
Elementary-Particle-Bullet-Laced Cosmic-Rays - - - which can Penetrate-Thick-Walls of Manufactured-Space-Ships and 
Ionize the Flesh of humans therein - - - should  they try-to-venture into inter-stellar space - - - consuming all 
available concentrated-energy resources in Space-Ship-Earth in a futile-effort that cannot be sustained by mortals.

Seek to describe in affirmative-terms humane reflexive-relationships which you believe you have a reasonable-chance
of eliciting a consensus that the described   reflexive-relationships  are likely to be regarded as Worthy of Great:
Respect, Trust, Honor and Support - - - within a wide range-of-contexts - - - now and into the distant-future - - -
Robust-in-the-Long-Term   throughout   Space-Ship-Earth - - -  as long as vast-numbers-of-humans   survive with 
Communal-and-Personal Integrity.