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To deal Openly-and-Honestly and in TRUSTWORTHY-WAYS with the challenges witin Mitigating Our-Own
Alienative-Conflicts - - - as The-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated Space-Ship-Earth; 
we must all-together evolve Broad-Consensuses about:

 1. The Mitigation of   Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts  as-involving  Long-Term-Sustainable-Processes of
    REDUCING-Over-All  the    Net-Long-Term    ALIENATIVE-Effects of our   CONFLICTING-EXCLUSIVE:

    Ideals              Values              Principles           Virtues            Hopes            Aspirations 

    Plans               Goals               Intentions           Economics          Governments      Religions    

    Sciences            Scholarships        Technologies         Behaviors          Greed            Hoarding

 2. The Augmentation of Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts as-involving  Long-Term-NON-Sustainable-Processes of
    REDUCING-Over-All the   Net-Long-Term  RECONCILING-Effects of the following TRUSTWORTHY-REALITIES:

    Communications      Colaborations        Cooperation         Coordination       Consensuses      Compassion

    Consent             Consideration        Honesty             Authenticity       Integrities      Integrations

    Dialogues           Listening            Paraphrases         Confirmations      Humility         Modesty

    Balance             Mutuality            Empathy             Sympathy           Sensitivity      Presence

    Generosity          Sharing              Hospitality         Intimacies         Friendships      Affections

    Kindness            Health-Care          Disease-Prevention  Healings           Reconciliations  Diplomacy

    Reverence           Admiration           Affirmations        Respect            Liberations      Educations

    Shalom              Sanctuaries-4-All    Relaxation          Repose             Creativity       Explorations

    Coherence           Unity                Sustainability      Robustness         Adaptability     Compromises

3.  How to Most-Helpfully-and-Graciously   Describe-and-Demonstrate   the Over-All  Long-Term   Most TRUST-WORTHY:

    Ideals              Values               Principles          Virtues            Hopes       and  Aspirations

    As  Articulated,    Affirmed        and  Demonstrated   by   Leaders  who are   Over-All    Most  dmirable

    Honorable           Well-Integrated and  Integrative    in   Long-Term-SUSTAINING  Civility and  Civilization

    Within God's        Astronomically-Tiny  and Isolated        Space-Ship-Earth   As our Village-Earth at Home.

4.  How to Most-Helpfully-and-Graciously   Describe-and-Demonstrate   the Essential-Foundations of   TRUST-WORTHY:

    Civility            Civilization         Cooperation         Colaboration       Coordinations    Communications

    Consensuses         Compassion           Considerations      Listening          Paraphrasing     Confirmations

    Generosity          Sharing         and  Hospitality    in   Coherent-Combinations in Shalom's Many-Ways-of-LOVE.