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To helpfully and graciously Mitigate Our-Own  Alienative-conflicts - - - we need to back-off far-enough from the Current-Personalities-and-Ideological-Conflicts - - - to be able to perceive the Coherently-Transcendent: 
Ideals, Values, Principles and Virtues - - - that have too-often-been-ignored - - - due to the Greed and Prealent 
Preoccupations of Greedy  Domineering-Bullies  and  Mobbing-Mobsters.

At the same time - - - we need to avoid being so   Abstract-and-Detached   as to be unaware of the Daily-Lives and
Un-Met Most-Basic-Healthy-Needs of the Victims of Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.

A Middle-Common-Ground can-be-found, by focusing upon the words that can play key Integrative-Roles in describing 
the Coherently-Transcendent-and-Well-Integrated: Ideals, Values, Virtues and Principles - - - that Stand-Sustainably-
in-Contrast   to those people who are Guided-by-Greed and the Profitable-Examples of Domineering-Bullies and 

Thinking of an Election-Time - - - if a candidate for electionto public office were accurately described by a Nominated: Word, Phrase, or pointetd to: Ideal, Value, Principle, Virtue or Vice; would you because-of-that - - - be inclined to vote for that candidate; or for an alternate candidate?  Remember that some words are inherently
ambiguous apart from other words with which they may appear.  What words individually and together are most relevant?

An early exercise in a workshop on Mitigating Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts can help to clarify which words individually and together are most relevant!

 1. Students working individually and collectively can select about fourty  Single-Words-Each from the list of Word-      Starts at - - - to point to realities that need to be be either Mitigated-or-    Augmented;   depending upon whetheor each-single-word is regarded as pointing to a Vice or Virtue.

 2. Make a common list of all "Nominated-Single-Words" put in alphabetic order.

 3. Working in small groups of three or four participants, each small group can agree on about twenty Single-Words
    that point to about equal numbers of Vices and Virtues which most need to be considered in deciding upon
    which candidates for office to vote for.

 4. Make a common list of all "Group-Nominated-Single-Words" put in alphabetic order.

 5. Have all participants vote for twenty of the "Group-Nominated-Single-Words" which point to "vices", and likewise
    for words which point to "virtues"; weighting each word with numbers -3, -2 or -1 in order of seriousness of
    "vices" and with numbers +3, +2, +1 in order of the importance of "virtues"; with weights totallying close to
    zero overall - - - without being compulsive about the exact total of the weights.

 6. Make a diagonalized chart of the participants' votes with words represented at the tops of columns of votes, 
    and participants represented by entries on horizontal lines.  Diagonalization can be achieved by shuffling
    BOTH the orders-in-which    word-columns-appear and the orders-in-which    participants'-horizontal-lines-appear;
    so as to collect the extreme numbers at the ends of a diagnoal-collection-across-the page - - - representing
    diverse collective-wisdom patterns as to Which-Words-Represent "virtues" and/or "vices" in the Perceptions 
    of Contrasting-Participants.  (Participants May-Not always agree upon what needs to be augmented; and what
    needs to be mitigated!    They   May-Discover   Conflicting-Perceptions   in these regards!)

 7. Have small groups of contrasting participants form to discuss their contrasting perceptions; and to sort out
    the roots of their contrasting perceptions.