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KEYS ****

To Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts we must develop consensuses to Let-Go-Of and Shift-our-Attentions-Away-From:

Negations       Disagreements       Arguments        Debates          Contentiousness        Fighting

Attacks         Threats             Invasions        Violence         Contentions            Fears

Anxieties       Terrors             Terrorism        Terrorists       Demands                Commands

Controls        Complaining         Objecting        Interrupting     Power-Concentrations   Wealth-Concentrations

Dominance       Domination          Weapons          Technologies     Defenses               Invulnerability

Superiority     Hierarchies         Rank-Ordering    Winning          Defeating              Purity

Loyalty         More                Getting          Consuming        Coalitions             Territories 

Walls           Fences              Boundaries       Dichotomies      Polarizations          Enemies

Rights          Wrongs              Traitors         Suspicions       Doubts                 Excommunications

Prisons         Torture             Constraints      Distractions     Entertainments         Advertisements

Luxuries        Confusion           Deception        Pretentions      Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception

Distortions     Saying NO           Not-Cooperating  Not-Listening    Not-Coordinating       Not-Collaborating


To Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts we must Shift-Our-Attentions-Toward and Focus-Our-Attentions-Upon:

Affirmations    Getting-To-YES      Agreements       Consensuses      Cooperation             Colaboration

Sharing         Hospitality         Building-Sanctuaries-for-ALL      Sustaining-Sanctuaries-for-All

Open-and-Honest-Dialogues           Accurate-Reliable-Descriptions    Sustainable-Life-Styles-and-Behaviors

Being-Graciously-Together           Being-Together-Within-Shalom      Being-Agreeably-Intimate-Together

Fulfilling-Covenants-Together       Working-Collaboratively-Together  Generosity              Hospitality

Welcoming       Building-Trust      Relaxation       Giving           Accepting               Showing-Trust
Resting         Meditating          Integrations     Integrities      Authenticity            Coherence

Letting-Go      Transcending        Liberations      Being-Helpful    Empathy                 Sympathy

Sensitivity     Attentiveness       Listening        Confirmations    Paraphrases             Harmonizing


We may help each other by filling out a survey on which we each say where we believe that our attention needs to 
be focused, and what preoccupations to transcend and Let-Go-Of.  It is then possible to tabulate the indications to
show which respondents have similar foci; and which have contrasting foci - - - along with the levels of support
for where attention needs to be focused.  To facilitate this kind of helpful tabulation the survey document can ask:

"How well will the following ways of shifting our-attention - - - help the vast majority of The-Crew of Space-Ship-
Earth, to enjoying a Long-Term-Sustainable Life-Style for Future-Generations?"  Each participant can then mark each
of a set of possible new ways of focusing attention, to indicate what foci should be transcended, and what foci need
to be augmented.