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KEYS ****

We cannot help each other to Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-conflicts if we are:

 1. Unaware of the: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Assumptions, Beliefs and/or Realities - - - that are in conflict.

 2. Unaware of the ways in which: vulnerable, poor, sick, homeless, displaced and dominated-people are being unjustly 
    victimized and deprived of Distributive-Justice in systemic ways which are kept hidden.

 3. Unaware of present patterns of: Alienation, Ignorance, Confusion and Disintegration - - - due to the Systemic Playing
    to WIN - - - of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which protect the Most-Wealthy and the Most-Powerful
    leaders of Our-Communities.

 4. Unaware of operative-patterns of Cause-and-Effect - - - that are leading our Reflexive-Relationships in Alienative-
    Feed-Back-Loops Around-and-Around toward: Corruption, Disasters, Disintegrations and More-Alienative-Conflicts.

 5. Unaware of the possibilities of US cooperating in Reflexive-and-Objective Systems-Analyses of our Alienative-Feed-Back-
    Loops - - - and what the Alienative-Feed-Back-Loops  are costing the average member of The-Crew of Space-Ship-Earth 

 6. Unaware of the Major Human-Limits and Human-Limitations that make many human: dreams, visions, hopes, aspirations, 
    and expectations - - - In-The-Long-Term NOT-SUSTAINABLE with Integrity - - - due to: Greed, Coveting, Hoarding,
    Ignorance, Prejudices, Biases, Slavery, Domination, Exponential-Growth-Rates, etc.

 7. Confused and/or Misled in our thinking and expectations about any of the above and/or about any related-realities.

 8. Alienated from other people with whom we need to be engaged in: cooperative and collaborative communications in
    coordinated activities that are essential to our personal-and-communal-integrities-and-integrative-processes that
    are essential to civility-and-civilization.

 9. Trapped in Unexamined: Assumptions, Convictions, Perspectives, Points-of-View, Traditions, Dogmas and Rituals - - -
    Protected by our Playing-To-Win our most Favored Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception.  (The WINNERS lose!)

10. Grimly-Determined to Defeat our Labeled Enemies-and-Isolated-Evil-Persons whom we do not know or understand.

11. Grimly-Determined to be Eternally-Invulnerable to the most terrifying threats we keep hidden with our Collusive-
    Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; such as:  Global-Climate-Changes, Exhausting-Fossil-Fuels such as Oil, Natural-
    Gas and Uranium;  Exhausting-Fresh-Water-Supplies in the Thin-Skin of Space-ship-Earth, Exhausting-Pure-Mineral-
    Supplies in the Thin-Skin of Space-Ship-Earth which is Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial-
    Comparable Material-Supplies.

    NOTICE: A workshop on Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts can helpfully start with small groups working 
    collaboratively to identify for themselves the above kinds of  realities that they need to become able to identify
    clearly - - - in order to make progress in Mitigating their Own Alienative-Conflicts that are Related-to-Them. 
    How can those foci of Alienative-Conflicts be most clearly described and become the foci for Open-and-Honest-
    Dialogues which Transcend-and-Let-Go-Of Protective-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception?

12. Unaware of Other-People's-Actual-Communication-Rights under Constitutional and International Declarations of
    Human-Rights-Promised to Poor-and-Vulnerable-Members of The-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-and-Isolated

13. Unaware of Other-People's False-Senses of presumed: Entitlements, Special-Privileges and Superior-Rights.

14. Unaware of Other-People's Falsely-Based Expectations, Hopes and Aspirations.

15. Unaware of How-we-have-been-Falsely-Lead in some of the above ways.

16. Unaware of Why Other-People are suspicious of the people whom we Most-Trust.

17. Unaware of Why Other-People are trusting the people whom we Least-Trust.

18. Unaware of the Major-Differences Among-US in regards to:

    Assumptions-Made?      What-are-True-Facts?      What are Fictions?    Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception?

    What-we-Most-Fear?     Our-Severe-Anxieties?     What IS-POSSIBLE?     What seems possible, but is IMPOSSIBLE?

    Religious-Doctrines?   Religious-Assumptions?    Religious-Idols?      What Lies Most-Comfort US?

    Truths-We-Fear?        Truths-We-Doubt?          What is Proper?       What is Im-Proper?

We are trapped-together in Alienative-Conflicts - - - whenever we are enthusiastically serving Mutually-Exclusive 
Personal-and/or Ideological-masters - - - as their thoughtless and/or ignorant Slaves.

Under such circumstances we as Slaves cannot enjoy being together in any of Shalom's-Integrative-Sanctuaries - - - 
truly knowing the essence of: Peace, Security, Unity, Personal-Integrity, Communal-Integrity, Health-Care, 
Reconciliation, Cooperation, Colaboration and Coordinated-Activities in LOVE's Presence.

So long as We-as-Slaves are in Confused and/or Ignorant - - - Thoughtlessly-and-Enthusiastically Serving Mutually-
Exclusive:   Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters and Ideological-Masters - - - we continue to be Destructive-Alienated-
Slaves of those-whom-we-blindly-serve.   We are not free in any true sense - - - and we cannot know what is true in any
well integrated sense; and we cannot Be-Truly-and-Safely:

Sensitive       Empathetic       Sympathetic        Cooperative       Collaborators       Coordinators      Communicators

Friends         Intimate         Lovers             United            Explorers           Integrators       Builders

Investors       Secure           Sustainable        Engaged           In Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about All-of-Our-Needs!

Within     God's   Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth  which is our Village-Earth - - - with no More-Sustainable-Place to move to!