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KEYS ****

The meanings of our behaviors-and-communications depend to a large extent upon the CONTEXTS of our communications.

Our-Own behaviors, actions, efforts and presence in communal-settings - - - are likely to Augment/Generate-Alienative

IN-THE-PRESENCE-OF:                                   IN-THE-ABSENCE-OF:

Systemic-Intolerance                                  Systemic-Diversity

Arrogant-Bullies                                      Humility and Coherence

Self-Righteousness                                    Collaboration and Thanks-giving

Extremism and Imbalance                               Coordination and Appreciation

Domination in Excesses                                Hospitality with Integrity

Greed and Suspicion                                   Generosity and Sharing

Envy and Secrecy                                      Mutual sharing of Stories

Coveting Great-Consumerism                            Balance-and-Authenticity

Demands by "Emperors"                                 Listening during Visiting

Terrorism in Systemic-Ways                            Confirmations and Acceptance

Oppressive Colonialism                                Liberty in Interdependence

Depressions due to Oppressions                        Hope in Generous-Liberations

Confusion about "Magical" Processes                   Clear-Perceptions via Education

Stealing hidden in Devised-Ignorance                  Clear-Information via Narratives

Extortion hidden in Devised-Confusion                 Clarity in Envisioned-Possibilities

Opaque-Domination-via-Secrecy                         Transparent-Healthy-Intimacies

Pretentious-Reflexive-Relationships                   Honest-Mutual-Understanding

Misleading-Deceptions                                 Trustworthy-Mutual-Insights

Domination through Duplicity                          Honorable Visions-and-Dreams

Indifference-to-Poverty                               Reliability-and-Dependability

Domination-Violence-and-Torture                       Sympathy-Empathy-and-Kindness

Coercive-Mobsters Being-Mean                          Sympathy-and-Gentleness

Wealth-Concentrations and Growing-Consumption         Mutual-Sensitivity-in-Intimacies

Power-Concentrations to Facilitate Being-In-Control   Balance, Equality and Equity in LOVE

Cynical-Hubris Demonstrated-by-Powerful-Bullies       Shalom in Healthy-Sanctuaries-for-All


Within each of the above CONTEXTS - - - no-one-can-determine-unilaterally How-Much of any of the above - - -  
IS  "Enough",     and How-Much of amy of the above  IS  "Excessive" as seen from  ONE  person's perspective;
in Truly-Helpful-Ways.  Beware of UNILATERAL actions!  Beware of AN Isolated-Alienated-Person's-Perspective!

Beware of power concentrated into the hands of any small-group of "Isolated-Experts" - - - in the absence of
Open-and-Honest-Dialogue with the majority of the people who are affected by the "determination" made in the
absence of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue with {The majority of the people who are affected by the "determination".}

The significance and meaning of each "COMMUNICATION" is in practice determined within each CONTEXT - - - in-part
by the Recipients-and-Interpreters of each "COMMUNICATION" - - - regardless of the exact forms of the "COMMUNICATION".

Intrusions       Words       Phrases       "Looks"       Confusion        Silences      Information       Facts

Touch            Sympathy    Empathy       Gifts         Hospitality      Welcomes      Threats           Attacks

Taking-Stealing  Taxing      Affections    Intimacies    Departures       Abandonment   Absences          Sensitivity

Surprises        Help        Health-Care   Assistance    Obfuscations     Blockages     Pretentions       Repressions

Arrogance        Depressions Humility      Alienations   Reconciliations  Presences     Oppressions       Invasions