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We are not likely to make helpful choices in efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - if we d not clearly
understand the tragic roles that are played in Tragic-Feed-Back-Loops by:

Ignorance     Alienation    Mis-Understandings   Confusion      Prejudices     Biases     Insensitivity     Fears   

Terrors       Anxieties     Provincialism       Arrogance      Egocentrism    Greed      Negativity        Contentions


When the above negative-realities are present - - - it may be helpful to ask others what affirmations are central in their
lives, what goals they have, what aspirations motivate them, what grounds for hope are important to them;  and seek to shift
attention toward those affirmative-realities  - - - while Letting-Go of Negative-Realities because they Do-Not-Work-Well.