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KEYS ****

The Keys to Mitigations-of-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts take-many-forms; but all-forms-of-such-keys - - - 
have-and-serve the same functions  They are "ritual-communications" that are intended-and-designed - - - 

                       {To-Authentically-Communicate The-Desire-for-Mutual-Trust}.



                               Within the Contexts of:

                       {Personal and Communal  Integrity-and-Authenticity}

                       {Willingness-to-Be Mutually-Vulnerable-and-Interdependent}

                       {Reconciliation and Mutual-Respect}

                       {Sanctuaries of-and-for Shalom's-Ways in LOVE}

                       {Letting-Go of Technologies-of-DOMINATION}

                       {Letting-Go of Life-Styles-of-DOMINATION}
                       {Letting-Go of Ideals-Values-Principles-and-Virtues of DOMINATION}


                                 The Journeys-We-Seek-To-Share-Together,
                                 The Pilgrimage we Envision/Dream, 
                                 The Grounds-of-Hope which-we Build-Together.