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KEYS ****

Whenever we: regard, perceive, think of, look-at and/or treat ANY-PERSON as-an-object-to-be: used, possessed,
owned; overcome/remove/destroy/eliminate, or taken-advantage-of, etc. - - - WE-THEREBY Create and/or Augment 
Alienative-Conflicts - - - which ultimately destroy US and the victims of our abuse.

The qualities of our reflexive relationships with other persons - - - depend upon the: attitudes, assumptions,
intentions, desires, hopes, expectations and beliefs that we carry into our relationships.  It is never possible
to be fully-in-control of our personal relationships - - -.  If we think we are fully in control - - - we are
alienated from whomever we think we are controlling in our relationships; and are in no position to influence much 
about the evolution of our relationships.  We who are alienated - - - are not able to evaluate the quality
of our relationships; and are unable to helpfully influence their evolutions - - - especially if we are trapped
in Alienative-Conflicts which are in desperate need of Gracious-Mitigation.