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A helpful "Quality-of-Life Index" for a community needs to reflect the Quality-of-Conflicts among-people 
within the community - - - in various ways that make a difference to  Their-Quality-of-Life.
                                    Included should be Quality-of-Conflicts - - -

                                              Within, Between and Among:

Families      Work-Places     Elementary-Schools         Secondary/Middle-Schools      High-Schools and Trade-Schools

Colleges and Universities     Religious-Organizations    Religious-Groups              Economic-Strata   

Corporations-and-Victims      Educational-Strata         Political-Parties             Academic-Disciplines

Governmental-Agencies         Legislatures               Administrations               Research-and-Applied-Sciences

Health-Care-Providers         For-Profit-Health-Insurance-Corporations                 For-Profit-Hospitals

For-Profit-Prisons            For-Profit-Highways        For-Profit-Police-Protection  For-Profit-Fire-Departments

For-Profit-Lobbing-Services   For-Profit-Corruption-Fighters-and-Protection-Agencies   For-Profit-Investment-Managers

For-Profit-Criminal-Courts    For-Profit-News-Agencies   Elected Public-Servants       Community-Utilities

The Quality-of-Conflicts depends upon the ways in which the Participants:

1. View their Conflicts as:
   a. Norma/Natural - - - just part of life about which nothing much can be done.
   b. Contests for the survival-of-the-fittest.
   c. God-Given Realities that must be accepted as given.
   d. Part of the Given-Economic-System.
   e. The activities of Domineering-Bullies who are violating Civility, Justice and Integrities.
   f. The violations of God's Laws.
   g. Criminal activities in violation of Man-Made-Laws which favor Men.

2. View Each Other as:
   a. Inferiors
   b. Superiors
   c. Bullies and Weaklings
   d. Incompetent and Vulnerable
   e. Competent, Strong and Arrogant
   f. Pretentious and Dishonest

3. Seek to Augment/Perpetuate    Alienative-Conflicts in Greedy-Ways to Concentrate-Powers-and-Wealth

4. Seek to Mitigate their Own    Alienative-Conflicts so as to SUSTAIN Civility and Civilization

5. Seek to Augment-Profits from  Profitable-Alienative-Conflicts, Wars, Terrorism and Wars-against-Terrorists.

6. Try to create Heaven-on-Earth based-upon   Superior-Interpretations   of   Superior-Scriptures.