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KEYS ****

The Alienation that flows from Alienative-Conflict can flow:

 1. Directly by Violence due to present:
    a. Physical-Injury,
    b. Psychological-Torture,
    c. Threats of the above becoming real,
    d. Watching others suffer the above in threatening ways.

 2. Directly by:  Shunnings, Exclusions, Rejections, Abandonments, Excommunications, Wars, Terrorism, Colonialism.

 3. Observations others being Alienated as above.

 4. By Internalized Alienative-Responsibilities and Duties to do the above to Self and/or Others to control them.

 5. Via Duties to Manufacture and impose: Guilt, Shame, Pain, Excommunications upon self-on-behalf-of-others.


Liberations from Alienations have corresponding Modes of each of the above forms of Alienation - - - when

Liberations-Are-Affirmed by One-or-More-Present   True-Lovers   Being-Together-in-Shalom with Love.