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It is ironic tht Domineering-Bullies have put learning, scholarship, laws, etc. into USE as Tools-of
Domination; e.g., when there was a Marriage of Religion, Scholarship, Government and the Roman-Catholic-

Power-Corrupts and Absolute-Power Corrupts-Absolutely-and-Reliably!  When Scribes, Secretaries, Writers,
Reporters, and News-Castors have the most power - - - Beware-of-Corruption - - - especially when deals
and decitions are made in secret places and ways.

Beware of all that ways in which Power-to-Manipulate can be Concentrated, especially within Religious and 

Educational Institutions in colleges and universities - - - where students are NOT well informed about what 

their rights as citizens and as students are.  Where students  INTENTIONALLY ARE NOT taught what their 

rights as students are; and INTENTIONALLY ARE NOT tested to be sure that they as students have learned how- 

to-exercise their essential student-powers to CALL EXCESSIVELY CONCENTRATED:  AUTHORITY, POWERS AND WEALTH