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KEYS ****

Most of us cannot easily control our emotions directly, through-just-
will-power;   just as most of us cannot through will-power-along, FEEL:

Warm   Cold   Full   Hungry   Secure  Invulnerable   Welcome   Self-Confident  Well-Integrated   Healthy

We need to identify what emotions we are experiencing, to be able to cop with our emotions.  We may
as children or adults, need help in identifying our-emotions and how to cope with each kind of emotion;

Wants  Anger  Resentments   Grudges   Envy   Coveting   and  Fears of Mitigating-our-Alienative-Conflicts.

We can best influence our emotions by indirect and helpful intentional procedures; where we can control
our intentional behaviors; rather than by trying to do so by will-power alone.  We CAN:

 1. Shift how we budget our: time, money, attention, socializing, working, reading, watching-TV, watching
    movies, watching entertainers, watching athletic-competitions, watching domineering-bullies, etc.
 2. Shift what we: think-about, read, write, and whom we spend our free-time with.

 3. Learn more factually-reliable-information about controversial: topics, conflicts, threats and changes.

 4. Learn about successful ways to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts; Conflict-Mediation, Conflict-
    Arbitration, Conflict-Negotiation, Conflict-Resolution, Conflict-Descriptions, Non-Violent-Conflict-
    Resolution, Conflict-Litigation, Non-Violent-Conflict-Resistance, Peace-Making and Being-Together-In-