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KEYS ****

People who are not aware of and not informed about the extreme-levels of reliability-and-accuracy of the 
Descriptive-Laws and Fully-Confirmed-Theories of: 

 (1) Newton regarding: Gravity, Mass, Net-Forces, Positions, Velocities, and Acceleration;
 (2) Coulomb, Gauss, Ampere, Faraday and Maxwell - - - regarding Electric and Magnetic Forces, Currents, 
     Electro-Magnetic-Induction and Radiation;

 (3) Einstein regarding Quantised-Radiation, Photoelectric-Effects, Brownian-Motions and both 
     Special-Relativity and General-Relativity;

 (4) P.A.M. Dirac regarding Matter and Anti-Matter sub-atomic-particles and Matrix-Operators - - -

Are people who are unlikely to be able to appreciate both the Possible-Accuracy and the Reliability of Objective-
Descriptions-and-Predictions regarding present and future Objective-Processes and Interactions - - - within the 
known Limits of Chaos-Theory and of Indeterminacy in regards to Quantum-Mechanics - - - throughout the whole 
Cosmos as we have seen the various large and tiny parts of the whole cosmos; near and far away in the distant past.

                                               AND THEY

Are unlikely to be able to appreciate both the Possible-Accuracy and Reliability of Descriptions and Predictions
of Reflexive-Processes and Relationships - - - within the Limits of our Knowledge of and about just what chaotic,
Destructive and Disintegrative-Paths: Alienative-People and Alienative-Relationships will-likely-follow into the
Tragic-Disintegrations of both Personal: Present-Integrities, Integrative-Processes, Health-Care, Cooperation, 
Colaboration and Mutual-Understandings.

We can be quite sure about which Alienative-Realities will form Tragic-Feed-Back-Self-Augmenting-Loops - - - in the
Absence-of True-Lovers-Working in Gracious-Collaborative-Cooperative-Coordinated Civil-Ways-of-Creative-Civility-and
Civilizations - - - Celebrating Shalom's-Spectrums of Mutual: Understanding, Respect, Hospitality and Generosity.

In the above context - - - we can reliably predict what Gracious-Life-Styles, Ideologies and Clusters of Ideals, Values, 
Principles and Virtues - - - Can-Be-Sustainable in the long term - - - and what Tragic-Outcomes will NOT be anticipated
by Alienated-People who Remain-Immersed in Their-Own Unmitigated-Alienative-Conflicts - - - by resisting True-Lovers'
Gracious efforts to help them to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts.

It is not enough to Be-Sure that  We-Are-Right  in knowing what our Entitlements-and-Rights   Should-Be   or   Are.