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In each actual context of one of our own Alienative-Conflicts we need to be clear about TWO-MAJOR-REALMS of
reality to be able to Graciously-Help each other to Mitigate Our-Own Alienative-Conflicts.

 I. What are the central realities which are in conflict with each other; e.g.:

    1. The conflicting - - - Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc.
    2. Who are the LEADING-Human-Embodiments of those conflicting - - - Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc.
    3. Who are the primary-most-vulnerable-victims who seem to lack the power to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?
    4. Who are the apparently-primary-winners and beneficiaries of Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?
    5. Who are the people who are playing the most-dominate-roles in Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?
    6. Who are the people who are trying to Graciously-Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts?
    7. What aspects of the Alienative-Conflicts are evolving, changing with the passage of time?
    8. Are there significant provincial/territorial differences in the natures of the Inter-Related-Conflicts?
    9. What are the differing-tacit Assumptions which are playing significant roles    in the Alienative-Conflicts?
   10. What are the differing-tacit Primary: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc. in the Alienative-Conflicts?
   11. What are the differing-tacitly-affirmed   Alienative-Means-To-Salvation         in the Alienative-Conflicts?
   12. What are the explicit and implicit Conflicting:    Scriptures and Interpretations-of-Scriptures and Scripts?
   13. What are the Predominant Alienative: Tools, Techniques, Technologies and Technocrats?
   14. What are the Predominant Means of Dominance, Repression, Suppression, Depression?
   15. What are the Natures of the Conflicting: Ideologies, Paradigms, Governments, Religions, Sciences, Professions?
   16. What Limited/Scarce/Coveted Resources are Playing-Central-Roles in the Alienative-Conflicts?
   17. What Environmental-Changes/Evolutions are Playing-Central-Roles in the Alienative-Conflicts?
   18. What Catastrophes have triggered Alienative-Conflicts?  What events led to those Catastrophes?
   19. What Candidates for Elective-Office are playing central roles in Augmenting-Alienative-Conflicts?  How?

II. What are the SHIFTS that need to take place in FOCI of: Attention, Affirmations, Negations, Denigrations, Dialogue?

    The following are among FOCI which may need to be nominated for More or Less or different kinds of attention.
    How can participants in Workshops on Mitigating-Our-Alienative-Conflicts sort them out for SHIFTS in attention?

    GIVE-MORE-ATTENTION?                               GIVE-LESS-ATTENTION?

    Honesty                                            Pretentions
    Openness                                           Secrecy
    Dialogue                                           Contentions
    Listening                                          Preaching
    Hospitality                                        Winning
    Generosity                                         Losing
    Balance                                            Domination
    Mutuality                                          Goals
    Colaboration                                       Winners
    Cooperation                                        Losers
    Communication                                      Victims
    Covenants                                          Demands
    Consensuses                                        Commands
    Mediations                                         Controllers
    Mitigations                                        Coalitions
    Coordinations                                      Competitions
    Rights                                             Attacks
    Duties                                             Responsibilities
    Letting-GO                                         Threats
    Budgeting                                          Defenses
    Setting-Priorities                                 Invulnerability
    Who-Works-Together                                 Who-is-Violent
    Confirmations                                      Fighting
    Agreements                                         Disagreements
    Getting-to-Know-Each-Other                         Getting-to-Suspect-Each-Other
    Articulations/Descriptions                         Debates/Contentions
    Personal-Experiences-and-Perceptions               Labeling-Who-Is-Good
    Describing-our-own-Perceptions                     Labeling-Who-Is-Evil

    Framings    Contexts    Languages    Linguistics   Finite-Resources    Human-Limits   Environmental-Limits

    Open-and-Honest-Dialogues regarding Shifting-Foci-of-Attention - - - need to acknowledge the Full-Spectrum of
    Kinds-of-Realities ( objective, subjective, reflexive, etc. ) regarding which attention may shift-to; shift-from.

    Affirmations vs Negations               Agreements vs Disagreements                 Virtues vs Vices

    Ideals vs Fears                         Shalom vs Anxieties and Terrors             Mitigations vs Negotiations

    Questions vs Responses/Answers          Issues-Dilemmas-Technical-Problems          Efforts vs Works

    Coalitions vs Cooperative-Teams         Ideals-Principles-Values-Virtues            Winners vs Losers

    Conflicts vs Reconciliations            Alienations vs Open-and-Honest-Dialogues    Opinions vs Informed-Consensuses

    Inclusivity vs Exclusivity              Integrations vs Polarization                Destinations vs Journeys

    Excommunications vs Hospitality         Generosity vs Greed                         Distributive-Justice vs Hoarding

    Graciously-Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts is more sustainable than Authoritative-Determinations and Pronouncements!